What’s so new about Digital Transformation?

Today digital transformation has become the mainstream trend that shapes the future of IT industry. Despite the opinions of skeptics, almost everyone has already realized the necessity of transformation driven by modern digital technologies. However, the idea of transformation has many interpretations, and it might be reasonable to share Softline’s vision.

This is not the first time when information technologies cause a disruption that changes the life of humanity for the better. At every stage of development, they empowered us to work faster, better, more efficiently, spend less and earn more. However, the most important thing is that new technologies every time trigger a paradigm shift and help us create things without which we hardly imagine today’s life.

We see the digital transformation as a yet another level of innovations enabled by new technologies. Like the previous changes, it helps us increase the labor productivity, earn more, spend less, etc. But we have seen it all before. What is new about the digital transformation?

  • Innovations (and marketing) become a standalone source of added value. The share of production and other traditional fields decreases.
  • Information and its processing play the key role, creating a new market of information. More and more often the goods are intangible.
  • New expectations of consumers help the providers of goods and services adjust everything — from product design to delivery methods — to meet the changing demand.

Due to all these reasons, the companies and organizations create now technology platforms that consolidate supply and demand, production and development, sales and marketing. In our opinion, the key point here is not implementing new technologies, but understanding that the company’s approach to business has to be reinvented.

Our clients include many companies and organizations that understand very well how new digital technologies can change their life for the better. Some of them are ready for quick and disruptive changes, but most of them consider the digital transformation to be an evolutionary process comprised of careful and wisely planned steps.

We know many different scenarios of business digitalization, and we help our clients develop and implement both quick and cautious strategies with great success. In any scenarios, our task is to enable qualitative and quantitative changes for the better.

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