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Are you Ready to Entrust Your Data to an Outsourcing Company?

Letting third parties access the infrastructure is a sensitive issue for any security service, and allowing third parties to read the internal correspondence of employees is even worse. For most companies, this sounds like a nightmare. However, Anna Popova, Head of the Data Leak Prevention Systems Group at Infosecurity, offers another point of view.

DLP and consulting

Over the past few years, cybersecurity has evolved from a hobby of IT staff into a mature industry with its approaches and priorities and become an issue of national concern.

However, despite this, the number of qualified cybersecurity specialists and services is still tiny, and there are very few companies capable of building cybersecurity systems from scratch and maintaining them.

Nevertheless, the market of data leak prevention and communication analysis systems (let's call them DLP for brevity) prospers. Its development is facilitated by high competition between manufacturers, both foreign and Russian. DLP system implementation has become a standard project for the cybersecurity integrators.

Not long ago, very few integrators (and customers as well) understood that the implementation of DLP systems is only the beginning of a long way to a brighter future. Any DLP solution needs maintenance—namely, technical support and consulting.

Technical support is a well-known service, but consulting is quite a new offer for the DLP market. It is essential to understand that consulting means not only legal protection of the DLP system operation, i.e., availability of a package of documents that legitimize its use in the company. Primarily it involves correct system configuration, further support of its operation and development of event monitoring and response processes to events generated by the system.

These systems are inherent to ensure trade secret protection because their goal is to detect data leaks. Besides, systems made in Russia can also collect data from all data transfer channels, and the compiled archive can be used as an evidence base for investigations at any level.

Experts, where are you?

The capabilities of modern DLP systems can be discussed on and on, but the challenge is that event analysis requires specialists to properly set up interception rules, identify events, document the information that has been identified (incident registration), and share it with stakeholders (executives, security, or line managers) to make decisions on incidents.

At this point, it is worth wondering: do you have the resources to support such processes? Otherwise, the DLP system you have purchased will stand idle for years waiting for the right person or time to work with it.

Let's go back to the point when we talked about the rapid development of the cybersecurity market. Due to the importance of cybersecurity in the national scale, it is advisable to transfer the support of DLP systems (as well as any other security systems) to companies that have the qualified employees—analysts that specialize in working with DLP systems. This is called outsourcing.

When choosing such a company, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to its reputation and experience in this field. These two indicators will probably influence your decision the most.

Choosing an outsourcer

An outsourcing company must maintain the highest level of corporate security, otherwise, how can it be trusted with someone else's confidential data? The outsourcer's employees involved in such a work must have a flawless reputation, and the company must take full responsibility for their actions.

Infosecurity is a part of Softline Group and one of the few companies in the IS market staffed with employees competent and experienced in DLP system support. The portfolio of services offered by Infosecurity is, in fact, unique in the cybersecurity market.

Moreover, the company has almost ten years of experience in DLP maintenance outsourcing, which definitely makes it No.1 in this market. Our clients include financial institutions, large retailers, and manufacturing companies.

One of our major clients, M.Video-Eldorado, has given the following feedback: "The DLP system has been implemented and fully configured in six months. Our corporate security has been improved. Together with our partner, we've done a huge amount of work, given that the measurable results for such projects are expected in a year and a half. Currently, our line managers work with Infosecurity to optimize incident detection and response."

Shortly, we plan to transfer some of our clients to the DLP outsourcing model, which will undoubtedly give a new direction to the development of the cybersecurity market as a whole.

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