Blockchain-based online store for educational institutions

The Softline portal for academic customers ( now runs on Aggregion's next-generation blockchain-based platform. The distributed database approach will give the right-holders full control over the management of software and content license parameters, allow the transfer of rights from the purchasing organization to the end user-teacher or student at school-in seconds, and will help reduce the cost of software and content delivery from developers to users.

The store at features OS and antivirus software, electronic dictionaries and textbooks, development tools, educational content, solutions for working with graphics and for computer-aided design, as well as content filtration software.

The portal allows generating and transferring licenses to clients. There are more than 44 thousand schools and several thousand colleges and universities in Russia, and supporting so many educational institutions can be a resource-intensive and challenging task.

"The Aggregion service turned out to be a "silver bullet" for us, a magic solution we’ve dreamt of: for a long time, we wanted to automate the licensing process and make the distribution chain as transparent and convenient as possible for all participants: right-holders, distributors, resellers, and end users. We have created a digital software and content store for educational institutions based on the Aggregion platform," says Tatiana Bruskina, Director of Softline Federal Project Department.

Aggregion is a blockchain-based platform that automates license processing, allows working with any digital products and integrates with any distribution channels. Virtually all system participants can work in a single open digital rights management ecosystem. The consensus is built between all parties of the transaction and cannot be changed. This is vital for a licensing process with many participants.
For example, within this project, Softline provides Microsoft CSP licenses directly so that the product can be delivered to the end user as quickly as possible. When an order is created on the Softline educational portal, the key is automatically generated in the vendor's partner center using the Microsoft account.

All vendors offering software and content for the educational segment supported the project. Nobody else has such an industry-oriented project, so everybody started working with Softline with great enthusiasm. All the partners appreciated the convenience of Aggregion - this service gives right-holders full control over the license processing, keeps records, and allows them to manage license parameters. It really simplifies the work and reduces costs.

"Today, there are no other projects in Russia, where educational institutions can buy everything—software, content, collaboration tools, and much more—and do it in a few clicks. Softline supported our initiatives in license processing automation and in adoption of license usage control in academic institutions. We plan to further develop the platform as a product leveraging such promising technologies as artificial intelligence and machine learning,"—says Nukri Basharuli, founder and CEO of Aggregion.

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