EFES Kazakhstan migrates the IT infrastructure components to Microsoft Azure

About the customer

Efes Kazakhstan is the leader of the Kazakhstani beverage market in terms of production and sales and is part of the Anadolu Efes multinational beverage group. The company owns two beer plants in Almaty and Karaganda.

Business Situation

Efes Kazakhstan required a reliable technical solution for rapid web application deployment. The company already had a positive experience of working with cloud resources. Having appreciated the convenience of administration, rapid deployment, and low rental costs of Microsoft Azure, the company opted for this cloud platform.


“We selected Softline as a solution provider based on our partnership experience. Softline has been our software-licensing partner for more than 5 years. Softline Kazakhstan has a high-qualified team that took a responsible and professional approach to these tasks,”—says Ivan Martyshkin, Head of Business Application Division of Efes Kazakhstan.


Softline helped the client to deploy a cloud solution, with which the customer quickly received the required computing resources and avoided capital expenditures related to hardware purchasing.

Thanks to Microsoft Azure, the customer has received the computing resources necessary to create websites, mobile, and web applications that can be scaled easily and quickly without purchasing additional equipment. This platform now powers the talent management solution, which offers a survey tool and collects additional information for analysis and planning further actions.

“As a project result, the customer has received additional computing capacities in Microsoft Azure to deploy its web applications, storages, and databases. Softline Kazakhstan proved its proficiency in deal management, promptly provided necessary estimates to the client, and consulted on the arising issues. Now the engineers of our company offer round-the-clock incident support to Efes Kazakhstan.”
Jazira Bajikeeva, sales manager, Softline Kazakhstan

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