Microsoft Azure for Beginners

The capabilities of Microsoft Azure improve business cost-efficiency and flexibility and enable fast business growth. This is important both for companies with a solid background and for startups.

Customers come to Softline when they need to solve their problems. Azure is one of the tools solving them. Clients can express their desires in different ways: providing a clear statement of work or just explaining what they want to do—save money, add capacities, start up their business with minimal investments, etc. Then our team offers solutions that we can implement.

Microsoft Azure can be used for infrastructure deployment, backup, and application development and testing. The Azure infrastructure services include virtual machines that ensure virtualization flexibility for a wide range of computing solutions.

Platform services lie at the core of the Internet of Things, databases, and analytical services. They can store large amounts of data and generate predictive analytical reports.

Azure allows you not only to store data at a minimum cost but also to pay only for the resources that actually have been used. As a result, projects at initial stages can save on storage purchasing and invest the saved funds in the development of their business. Just a few years ago, the problem of upfront investments was making many projects unfeasible. To launch your own application, you had to recruit virtualization, networking, and web service engineers, build a huge infrastructure, and maintain it. Now it is all available in an out-of-the-box solution. The customers have an SLA and do not need to bother about virtual machines, data centers, etc.—they just bring their ideas into life using standardized services.

Microsoft also has special programs for startups, for example, a global support program named BizSpark. New businesses founded less than five years ago can get Microsoft Azure cloud resources free of charge. This is a unique opportunity for them to save on upfront investments and at the same time, get full access to Microsoft products and cloud resources, get advice for the implementation of their ideas, etc. In addition, Azure is a flexible platform that has no limitations on the use of open source solutions. Developers can use familiar open-source software, tools, and technologies, taking advantage of all the opportunities they need.

In Russia, political risks are a relevant issue. Large companies (as a rule, they are state-owned or almost state-owned) take foreign clouds with caution. Even if companies are allowed to use them, they do not store anything of value there due to restrictive laws, regulations, sanctions, etc. Small and medium businesses do not have such strict restrictions, but very often, people have unreasonable fears for the safety of their data. There is no reason to doubt the reliability of a global cloud because it has everything necessary to protect user data and business-critical applications, and the security budget of Microsoft is unimaginable for small and medium-sized businesses. 

With the Azure application platform, you can implement any innovative solution you might imagine. It makes creating even the most complex projects quick and easy. Microsoft is ready to provide any assistance at the stages of technology implementation, business development, enterprise financing, or searching for clients.

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