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Microsoft Bot Framework


Microsoft Bot Framework is a platform for creating applications—bots that automate business processes or increase their efficiency. Their common application areas include human resources, finance, IT, and business.

Nowadays, smartphones or other mobile devices are used to solve many tasks requiring web access: banking operations, sale or purchase of any goods and services, information collection, business communications, etc. As a result, modern companies need to continually improve their applications to provide customers and employees with the best possible service experience, in particular, to develop self-service functionality with access to it at any time and from anywhere, with the ability to make both voice and text requests.

This is not an easy task because it is necessary to integrate various software products, some of which did not support such features. How to accomplish it? The first variant is labor-intensive and costly: creating in-house development departments, designing new applications, and solving other difficulties. The second variant is simple and obvious: Microsoft Bot Framework.

Microsoft Bot Framework is a platform for creating bots—applications, with which clients can interact both with speech and text messages.

You can communicate with these bots through many social channels: Teams, Skype, Skype for Business, email, Telegram, etc. With their help, users can get access to all the data consolidated in siloed applications.

Automating business processes with a bot created with Microsoft Bot Framework

  • Automation of business operations and internal business processes.
  • Reducing the workload on IT and technical support services.
  • Automatic processing of inbound requests, distribution of questions by categories.

Creating a chatbot based on Microsoft Bot Framework. The bot can be configured to answer spoken, typed questions, or questions selected from a menu.


The solution improves regular communication with clients, increases the efficiency of corporate processes, simplifies and accelerates the performance of daily tasks.

Types of bots by functionality

Information bot

With the help of QnA Maker's cognitive services (AI-based cloud service), the information bot works with existing data using a knowledge base or a list of questions and answers, and Azure search enables it to answer even open questions.

Commercial query bot

The combination of Azure Bot and Language Understanding services makes it possible to create conversational interfaces for banks, travel agencies, and entertainment companies, allowing customers to communicate with the bot in their native language. These services can also be used to improve customer interaction through email or phone calls.

Azure AD allows you to identify guests, as well as to respond to voice and text queries by context using cognitive services.

Bot for internal process automation

Microsoft Bot Framework allows you to create multifunctional bots to improve the efficiency of corporate processes, for example, bots can be integrated with internal systems: Office 365 calendars, customer databases in Dynamics CRM, etc. This dramatically simplifies the company's daily tasks, especially IT-related ones. The bot can perform the initial processing of ServiceDesk and HelpDesk requests. In HR and finance, it can process requests, issuу certificates, or make statements.

Softline bots on Microsoft Bot Framework

Creating a simple standard bot does not require much effort, and, with some motivation, you can do it without calling in-house IT specialists. However, as a rule, the functionality of such bots is insufficient. To fine-tune it and expand the product functionality, you need more skills. The easiest thing to do is to entrust this to professionals who know everything about such products and services.

Softline runs projects on the creation and implementation of corporate bots based on Microsoft Bot Framework. Our specialists develop new bot functionality or expand the existing one depending on what is required in each case. The solution can be combined with RPA, integrated with document management systems, ERP, CRM, ServiceDesk, portals, etc.

For those who want to try the bot in action, we offer a demo bot.

Variants of pilot projects using the demo bot:
  • Implementation of a demo bot with limited functionality: technical support requests, unlocking accounts, creating requests for vacation, and passage. With the help of a demo bot, you can check the interest of users in this service on your tenant.
  • Customizing the product functionality following the technical requirements of the company.

Reasons to choose Softline bots based on Microsoft Bot Framework

  • The highest partnership statuses of Microsoft confirming the qualification of Softline in cloud solution deployment and support: Gold Cloud Platform, Gold Cloud Productivity, Gold Datacenter, Gold Hosting, and Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions.
  • Reliable and accessible technical support of Softline has huge expertise and currently provides its services to thousands of corporate clients around the world, including the support of Azure services.
  • Turnkey cloud-based projects and additional services. Softline not only creates and configures chatbots in Azure but also offers other services: migration of applications to Azure, IT system outsourcing, building predictive models powered by machine learning.
  • We are ready to implement a comprehensive solution for the client.

Bots on the Microsoft Bot Framework will relieve your specialists from excessive workloads, avoid overstaffing and increase the attractiveness of the company for customers and employees. Softline will help you to develop, adapt, and set up a bot that solves your problems in the most effective way.

Do you have questions, or would you like to try out the demo bot in action? Call or write to Marat Gubaidulin, Head of the Analysis and Design Team:
Phone: +7(495)232-00-23
Email: Gub@softline.com

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