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On the malice of the day

Pinpointed Advertising!

People love shopping—convenient shopping. They like having plenty of choices tailored to their preferences. That's why the majority of shop visitors feel uncomfortable when they see the strange navigation signs in the showroom, shelves with goods that do not suit them and advertising that only distracts them.

Retailers love customers and develop new approaches to interactive in-store customer experience. Businesses that harness digitalization are especially successful in this area.

Browse the things you need

A solution that unobtrusively demonstrates only offers relevant to the audience and smartly increases sales would be a tremendous boon for a retailer of any specialization.

Omnichannel platforms provide a centralized solution for advertising content creation and management, collecting customer data and making targeted offers, as well as analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns aimed to improve them. They create an abundance of business advantages: increasing conversion, reducing bloated advertising budgets, decreasing the costs of content creation, distribution, and management, and, most importantly, creating a brand new employee and customer experience.

Video advertising on screens, touch panels, booths, video walls, etc., digital video clips or modules, audio advertising, and background music—all these types of content are manageable but often not fully. Uploading the clips and leaving them playing all day long is often not enough. Now you can teach the system to recognize and differentiate customers, and show the most appropriate video depending on the analysis result.

How it works

So, how do "smart advertising" systems work? It all starts with content creation. Using design templates, we load audio, images, and video, enter texts, and set the impression places and conditions. Further on, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and analytics come into play. Cameras will notice, recognize, and differentiate visitors. At least, they will determine the age, and at most, they will recognize return clients and "remember" what they usually take.

In addition, they will assess how much time the clients study specific ads and what draws their eyes. Instead of irritating, targeted advertising informs and directs. Smart modules of such content management systems work in tandem. The first instantly detects faces, registers even short glances and thus provides data about the audience, analyzes, and measures it.  The second one shows the most relevant proposal, thus implementing a continuous and subtle performance marketing approach.

Video analytics provides you with a wealth of data about the audience, impressions, and campaign efficiency. You will be able to make context-based interactive scenarios for different groups of customers in real time.

Unobtrusive ads! Feel the difference

Retailers already widely use such systems, though few buyers are aware of this. For example, one Russian chain of premium and mass-market cosmetics stores implemented a full set of digital solutions: showcase screens, LED columns, advertising and information screens, checkout displays for customers. Targeted offers on the checkout displays alone increased the average check by 7%. The overall project result is significant sales and customer loyalty growth.

A large alcohol retailer also tested this new solution in one of the peak trading periods—before the New Year. For the sake of the experiment it was decided to test the solution only in one hall of the retail chain, where they installed a touch screen with a product catalog and a targeted promotion for three age groups: young women, ladies over 30, and men over 45—and a screen in the checkout zone.

The results exceeded expectations: the monthly revenue has grown by 15% (the result was compared with the same month of the previous year, with months before and after the campaign, with revenue in other stores of the chain).



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