SBI Bank Uses ISOC to Protect Customer Data

The Bank has been connected to a new information security monitoring system, which will provide comprehensive data protection while increasing the number of retail and corporate clients.

SBI Bank has been connected to the ISOC (Security Operation Center), part of Softline Group. The existing monitoring system of the bank has been equipped with automated response modules, which eliminate the risks of data and money theft, identify and prevent cyberattacks at early stages.

The implementation of a new data protection technology was driven by the customer base growth: the bank creates a comprehensive product for households that combines all the necessary services for managing the family budget and the ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

"We are introducing a number of convenient and customer-oriented mobile banking services to the market. With this product, people will be able to manage the accounts of all family members in one mobile application, analyze common expenses, use a shared loyalty program, teach children financial literacy, and use modern payment solutions. When the households connect to this system, the customer base will grow by many times, so we will have to try hard to ensure prompt processing, safety, and security of client data",—said Andrey Kariakin, Chairman of the Board of SBI Bank.

The main criterion for choosing the new high-tech monitoring system was to ensure performance and security without reducing the productivity and quality of the bank's business processes. The bank has chosen the SOC-as-a-Service model, which provides end-to-end enterprise-grade protection while relieving the customer from expenses on costly equipment and high-qualified personnel.

"The system powered by Big Data technologies collects and processes not less than 10 thousand events per second in real-time mode. The service identifies the scenarios of attackers' actions, responds to events as quickly as possible, prevents critical incidents, and visualizes the results", — sums up the project results Alexey Yudin, Director of the Infosecurity Monitoring Center.

In addition to traditional information security services and incident response in 24/7/365 mode, Infosecurity has developed specialized connectors to the bank’s software and hardware systems, which provide a reliable encrypted channel and guarantee high data protection from loss and theft.


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