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Zyfra and Softline explore Industry 4.0


Softline cooperates with Zyfra Group—one of the most advanced vendors in the world of Industry 4.0:  the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, self-driving transport. Zyfra creates software that helps enterprises from 22 countries solve the problems of monitoring, analysis, and optimization of production processes. Zyfra solutions make it possible to assess the condition of equipment, personnel performance, production processes, and provide the insights required to increase the efficiency and profitability of production technologies.


Dispatcher is a software suite for equipment and personnel monitoring. The system allows determining the persons responsible for non-fulfillment of the production plan and disciplinary violations, as well as to reveal equipment idle time. The solution makes it possible to perform operational analysis to reduce the unproductive losses of working time, improve technological processes, optimize the operational procedures, reduce the amount of idle time, increase the equipment service life, etc. Over 9,000 machine tools have already been connected to the system at 270 enterprises.

Increasing the spare parts production efficiency for the "Mechanical Repair Complex" LLC

The goal was to increase equipment productivity to meet the deadlines of orders. During the project, a single information space was created for the entire machine fleet, I/O terminals were installed to determine the downtime causes, and energy consumption control was established for machine drives. As a result, a reserve of 3,300 machine hours per month has been revealed, the machine utilization ratio has been increased by 31%, and the annual revenue growth amounted to 90 million rubles.

Zyfra Industrial Framework

A platform and additional services for production process management.

Accounting and monitoring

The system creates an optimal production schedule to support the production rhythm. It uses event monitoring and forecasting to monitor the plan execution and activate the most appropriate technological modes. ZIF registers the deviations, informs the operational staff, suggests options for corrective actions, generates reports, provides statistics, etc.

Balances and search for losses

The system records all production operations, such as movements, shipments, calculations, etc. It combines statistical analysis with a hypothesis method to search for errors and create an error scenario tree. This is the basis for ad-hoc and scheduled reports. The balance calculation begins with the determination of the actual production indicators and financial constraints. Then the system analyzes daily, accumulative, and monthly balances, generates processing acts, and uploads balances to ERP.

Quality Assurance

The system connects production units and laboratories to ensure an optimal quality giveaway. The process mode is stabilized to reduce the number of rejects and optimize the quality giveaway of marketable products.

Equipment Effectiveness

The system calculates the equipment utilization factor to reveal productivity losses. It determines the maximum possible performance, analyzes the potential losses and the factors affecting them. Then it monitors, predicts, and eliminates the causes of performance loss.

Production Planning

Production Planning is based on market demand, logistical constraints, and economic optimization criteria. The system prepares the schedule for shift and daily tasks, calculates the formulations of commodity products, and optimizes the timing of raw product acceptance and goods shipment.

Creation of the production dispatching and operational management system at Okulovka Paper Mill.

The project included the development of a process monitoring system and a single enterprise production archive, which has united all process and production systems of the plant, including 1C, into a single information environment. Zyfra also developed a system for visualization of production information, including the information from the Paper Quality Control Systems, available from the Internet.  Zyfra implemented automatic process control with grade-dependent specifications and personnel notification in case of emergency via e-mail, SMS, and mobile applications. As a result, the employees of Okulovka Paper Mill and its management company get prompt and relevant information on the equipment operation and stoppages, product quality, and potential process problems.

Industrial AI: artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions

The goal of the laboratory is to increase the efficiency, predictability, and safety of production processes when the traditional algorithmic method is not applicable due to the large volume of data.

Project for Gazprom Neft

Zyfra has implemented an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for planning, forecasting, identification, and analysis of deviations (plan/fact/forecast) along the value chain in terms of production and logistics modeling. This application uses a specially developed algorithm to analyze the possibility of dispatching the desired volume of oil products from the refinery per day and per month by various means of transport. If the desired volume can be shipped per day/month in compliance with current logistical constraints (access road infrastructure, free capacities in tank farms, technical limitations, transport schedules, etc.), the system returns the distribution of the desired volume to the shipping complexes. The application is currently tested in the production environment.

VIST Group

The company is a part of Zyfra Group that specializes in the development and implementation of information technologies for mining and metallurgy. The key task of VIST Group is to create solutions for digital mining, and for the last 7 years, the company has been actively developing innovative technologies for the mining industry: robotic dump trucks and drilling rigs, predictive analytics for process optimization in mining enterprises and predictive repair.

Improving the productivity of EVRAZ KGOK

The task was to optimize and monitor mining transport operations in KGOK. With the OpenMine dispatching system, the information on the machine performance is provided to dispatchers and top managers. The data is also displayed on smart screens in the cabins of excavator and dump truck drivers. OpenMine continuously optimizes the work of dump trucks: the drivers get the optimal route calculated based on several criteria after each loading, unloading, leaving the site, shift change, etc.

An additional option combines geological and mining transport information. Geologists can now manage the ore quality in a new way, and miners benefit from increased productivity. The ore distribution, which was previously only seen by geologists, has become available to all process participants: from senior staff to excavator operators. These geological data are now included in shift assignments.

The system optimizes the operation of all types of equipment and vehicles used in the open pit, increasing productivity by more than 8%.

Zyfra is No.1 in Russia in the digital transformation of industrial enterprises. The company's solutions have already helped 270 enterprises to optimize their operations, increase productivity, reduce resource costs, and minimize losses. Softline's specialists help customers choose optimal solutions that increase their production efficiency. Feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you may have!


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