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Smart Video Surveillance Powered by AI and Computer Vision

Video surveillance is a must-have to ensure facility security in manufacturing, logistics, and many other industries. Not only does it protect against external threats, but it also monitors the implementation of occupational health and safety measures and prevents injuries. Unfortunately, people tend to violate regularly existing safety procedures and rules. Regulations and training courses are not enough to change the situation—you need a control tool not prone to human error! That’s where digital transformation technologies come into play.

Computer vision and AI

Artificial intelligence can monitor what's going on at the sites. Solutions with a surveillance, response, and warning system turn everything the cameras see into information for analysis. They know how to identify vehicles and people from employee and tenant bases, monitor safety, and control production personnel and processes.

The benefit is that the operator does not need to look at the screen all the time. The professional video intelligence system analyzes the detected critical incidents.

Such solutions have a user-friendly interface that enables prompt visual control of occupational safety through color-coded icons. Archive footage from any camera can be accessed instantly. Alarm events with date and time are displayed automatically in the event feed. Reports on security violations are also generated automatically for the specified periods.

Solution example: VizorLabs H&S

This system tracks whether the employees at the facility wear helmets, gloves, hoods, and safety belts. It also monitors the movement of personnel on roads, the passage of heavy-duty transport, smoking, walking through a restricted-access zone or stairway. It also controls the entrance of people into hazardous areas at multiple levels.

VizorLabs H&S is powered by the Azure cloud platform, which offers a versatile toolkit for creating efficient solutions for specific business tasks. The most crucial advantage of Azure is that it has a huge number of applications based on the platform, one of which is VizorLabs H&S.

Functionality benefits

In general, the video analysis capabilities of such systems are vastly superior to that of out-of-the-box solution detectors, which do not always adequately assess the situation, give many false positives, and operate only on a high-quality video stream.

New generation video analytics detectors can be configured, combined, cascaded, and fine-tuned to meet the business requirements. Even low-resolution video streams and analog video surveillance systems can be used to detect events with 95+% accuracy of at least.

A special tagging toolkit with a built-in self-learning neural network allows you to quickly tag the video stream and get the content for further training of classifiers—from 1,000 images per hour per one tagger.
Softline specialists can also offer you many other solutions for digital transformation in industrial enterprises. Contact them at any time.

Case study: energy company

The video surveillance and analytics system was used to monitor whether the employees wear personal protective equipment. The system controls if they wear helmets, protective shields, and gloves and if their clothes are fully fastened. It also tracks the position of workers relative to switchgear panels. The monitoring system prototype met the customer's expectations, and it was decided to upscale the system.


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