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Digital society

In Search for Hidden Treasure In Your Business Data

In the world of digital every action we take generates data. By collecting and analyzing human-generated data streams, you can learn everything about him or her. The same goes for organizations: many have long guessed to leverage data as a main business development driver. Business developments i...

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Which values should we instill in artificial intelligence?

The responsible use of technologies is a topic that affects not only environment and the economy, but also society at large.  Today, it is artificial intelligence that makes us reflect the most on the social and political ramifications of technology. AI has already become ubiquitous in many ...

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How to Manage your Remote Dream Team

Flexibility, readiness for change, and willingness to cooperate have been the essential traits of business leaders even before the pandemic. The coronavirus forced us to suddenly adapt to the new realities. Even greater responsibility and, obviously, enormous stress fell upon the leaders.  ...

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Post-Covid Trends & Recommendations

This summer, Softline commissioned several studies to look at the business impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business environment, the related trends, and align the approach to our strategy, management and investment. We interviewed leading entrepreneurs and sales executives plus customer a...

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The Rise of the Digital Makes the World More Vulnerable

Like to risk big? Then start saving on security. Businesses become more and more digital: companies go online, adopt remote work, etc. But becoming data-driven also makes them more susceptible to risks. You need nerves of steel to deal with it. However, there is also good news. Vladimir Lavrov, H...

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Mini Cyborgs among Us: Development of Computer Chips Using Biological Neurons

Creating software simulations of the human brain is considered the most promising approach to artificial intelligence. The Australian startup Cortical Labs has gone even further: it aims to create a minuscule artificial brain by embedding biological neurons of mouse or human origin into a spec...

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How to Secure your Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has made telecommuting essential: dozens of employers are transferring employees to home offices. This convenient format reduces the probability of virus infection but, at the same time, entails many cybersecurity risks. The rising trend has been also caught by criminals&mda...

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What Do CEOs Really Want?

Imagine yourself for a couple of minutes in a CEO's seat. What's in their head, what are their thoughts and priorities? My answer is Confidence. Confidence is priority No.1. Priorities No.2, 3 and 4 are also Confidence.  Why do I repeat word ‘confidence’ four times, yo...

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A World of Epic Fakes

Live like in a fairy tale but stay vigilant AI does not care whether it does good or evil. It is not going to do anything out of its inherent kindness or maliciousness: there is a human behind every AI action, a human willing to make money, avenge, have fun, satisfy their curiosity, or test so...

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Urbanization Marches on: What Changes Await the World of Tomorrow

We live in a unique time. Our generation has witnessed the change of millennia, many people remember the Year 2000 problem, solving which demanded the joint effort of almost the entire IT market. Today we are at the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution—a unique phenomenon that will change ...

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BI: Surfing the Waves of Modern Business

Modern business is an ocean of information   Companies face new challenges dictated by the global macroeconomic and political situation. The attention of business leaders is primarily focused on identifying internal reserves for increasing efficiency and continuing active development. ...

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Solo on a synthesizer… of speech

A beautiful voice is a rare thing, and its owners consider it a generous gift of nature and a valuable tool. Pleasant tone and educated speech are a marvelous combo, rare luck, and a real superpower when it comes to working with people, especially in sales or public performances. A machine spe...

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Digitalization, customer experience, and marketing

Customer experience is a key driver and catalyst in many (if not most) digital transformation projects. User experience and user adoption play the same role in IT projects. Successful application scenarios are the key to the success of the entire project. We know how important customer experie...

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Wish List

In this article, we will tell you about several useful novelties that will help busy managers at home and in the office: a helpful reading app, a multi-charger for mobile devices, and an exciting training course. For reading Digital transformation is a subject worthy of learning. It is unli...

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Targeted Attacks: a Dangerous Kind of Cybercrime

A targeted attack is a sequence of hacking actions aimed at and tailored for a specific “victim” to steal its money or data. Softline experts note that usually, intruders do it for their profit. They have several variants of monetization: unauthorized access to online banking, encrypt...

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What Does Business Need to Learn from Tech Guys?

If you like TV series like IT Crowd or The Big Bang Theory, then you are spiritually close to the image of a genius, nerdy, sarcastic, and knowledge-obsessed researcher, geek programmer, mathematician, or scientist—in general, a guy with a sky-high IQ. There are plenty of them among expert ...

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Remote work can be productive and secure

Today, people around the world have to change dramatically their working practices and ways to manage teams of colleagues who work remotely. Fortunately, in our time, technology for full-fledged remote work not only exist, but also are also affordable, like never before. Questions with the org...

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Deep Transformation

When done in a right way, digital transformation can reinvent any business process and significantly improve it. Unsurprisingly, providers of professional digital transformation services thrive, helping their clients embark on the digital transformation journey. But the paradox is that they somet...

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How to maximize ROI of your digital transformation

Today, by 2020, many companies and organizations have already gone far along their path of digital transformation. Far enough to focus on the real return on investment in these initiatives and transition from pilot or point solutions to scalability at the enterprise level. All of us are waiting f...

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Fear Nothing with Clouds

An apparent trend of the modern market is creating cloud services and delivering them from reliable data centers in full compliance with the fault tolerance and data backup rules. A Product from Russia Softline is a Russian company providing its clients with numerous cloud services. Our ...

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Managed services and their advantages

If ten years ago the concept of "service-oriented" was related exclusively to the internal architecture of IT systems, today this concept is widely used both in business and in everyday life. Service nature The idea to contain certain services in the format of a service with measu...

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Outlook into the Future: What Awaits the IT industry in 2020

The unique thing about the digital world is its ever-growing pace of change. On the one hand, that is great: every day, companies and organizations gain access to new tools enabling them to work better and more efficiently. On the other hand, accelerating progress is creating significant challeng...

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The True Value of Managed Services

The word “service-oriented” related to the internal architecture of IT systems ten years ago, today is widely used both in business and in everyday life. The idea to package certain role or work in a ‘service’ with certain characteristics and measurable indicators of the q...

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Undertake Digital Transformation and Meet the Demands of the Millennials

Demographic groups known as Generation Y (or millennials) and Generation Z drive today very much the digital revolution. It is to meet their needs that companies in various industries develop digital initiatives and strategies. It is their way of thinking and preferences that determine the improv...

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Artificial Intelligence is the Imminent Future of Industry

Until recently, the primary trend in the development of industrial production has been the use of complex automation systems. Large enterprises have been implementing - and continue to implement - solutions based on powerful and distributed computing equipment. They control the entire production ...

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AI: Harder than it Sounds but Still Promising

Artificial intelligence has been exciting the imagination for many years, but real prospects for transforming the business have appeared relatively recently. However, so far 85% of artificial intelligence projects do not bring the promised results to the business (Pactera Technologies data, 2019)...

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Know what your customers want and give it to them

Business owners and executive teams often focus so strongly on their business procedures that they lose vision of their customers' expectations. Not only do they not concentrate on delivering to their customers what they want, they sometimes do not even know exactly if their customers are sat...

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7 practices of leadership for Digital Transformation management

Digital changes impact everyone and radically change one industry after another. Even the politicians advertise it as a pledge of social and economic development. Naturally, many companies tend to change, to benefit from these trends, or simply to keep up with competitors. However, digital tra...

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Cybersecurity Is a Must for Successful Digital Transformation

Today, digital transformation has become an influential business trend focused on smart management of operations and the continuous improvement of virtually all business processes from personnel management to increasing user satisfaction with post-sales services. New technologies and applicati...

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Human Resources as a Key for Digital Transformation

To perform digital transformation it is not enough just to invest in technology. Employees are the most important factor for successful migration to digital business. How to take everyone with you to a digital journey? The digital environment requires new ways of collaboration, new structures ...

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Digital Transformation - Not Just For Big Businesses

Probably everyone knows the potential benefits of digital transformation today. However, it is widely believed that artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, big data analytics are only for large enterprises that can afford it and can really benefit from digital transformations. I have...

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Digital Transformation and Supply Chains

Today, in the era of Industry 4.0 enterprises convert most of their business processes to digital: logistics, new product development, manufacturing, customer relations, and many more. Supply chain management looks like one of the most obvious candidates for digitalization. Traditional supply ...

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Digital Transformation: Align Your Strategy to Your Vision

Today's market is changing rapidly itself and forcing businesses to change quickly. The constant stream of innovation drives us faster than we ever imagined, and sometimes threatens to turn into destruction and chaos. It is not easy for everyone to take the decisive step of digital transforma...

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Finding the right digital partner: focus on increasing your value

Companies rarely go their Digital transformation journey alone, collaboration more common. The ability to improve productivity and reduce costs through third-party expertise and innovation are important catalysts for success, and companies doing business alone will be a thing of the past. But the...

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Decadence or Rebirth—What Will Be the Fate of Your Business?

Could a company successful today go bankrupt tomorrow? What a funny question! There are dozens of such stories. Nothing surprises us in the morning headlines dedicated to business news: companies that until recently, as celestials, sat atop the business Olympus, suddenly wind up. Common reasons a...

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Don't Be Afraid of the Digital Future

Are we in the middle, in the end, or at the dawn of Fourth Industrial Revolution? Opinions differ on this subject. Industry 4.0, the term that many people use as a synonym of the global transformation of technology and production, has been coined a quite a while ago—in 2011, at the Hannover...

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Cunning and Artistry. Don’t Get Caught by the Traps of “Social Engineers”

Few fraudsters can bypass the advanced cybersecurity systems, and most of them choose the oldest trick in the book: they attack people instead of systems. Naivety, curiosity, and trustfulness are qualities inherent to more people than we can imagine. So why hack computer systems if you can just p...

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Pinpointed Advertising!

People love shopping—convenient shopping. They like having plenty of choices tailored to their preferences. That's why the majority of shop visitors feel uncomfortable when they see the strange navigation signs in the showroom, shelves with goods that do not suit them and advertising th...

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Urban Transport Infrastructure Grows Smarter

Almost all large cities face the tasks of increasing the traffic speed, reducing the number of traffic jams, and accelerating the response of the Traffic Management Center staff to changes in the road network. One of the ways to solve these problems is to implement an Automated Traffic Management...

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Omnichannelling your trade

In shoe and clothing retail, the main distribution channel is still brick-and-mortar shop: people love to go shopping, look at the goods live, try them on, and buy. This traditional model is very difficult to be outperformed and unlikely to be ever outcompeted, but online sales can complement it ...

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What’s so new about Digital Transformation?

Today digital transformation has become the mainstream trend that shapes the future of IT industry. Despite the opinions of skeptics, almost everyone has already realized the necessity of transformation driven by modern digital technologies. However, the idea of transformation has many interpreta...

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Neuronet For Benefit Of Customer Service

A loyal customer means high profit. Do you know that, according to Oracle, 86% customers are ready to pay for better service? This is precisely why, as Gartner reports, in 2017 50% of B2C investment projects globally have been aimed at development of the customer experience. And according to Dime...

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Security Operations Center as a Service. How does it work?

In the age of digital economy, high-speed internet, and mobile devices, installing the security tools and preventing access to blacklisted websites is not enough. The cybersecurity tools should always be under control; otherwise, the measures taken will not only be ineffective but also create a d...

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Chatbots in the service of human

Remember the last time you talked to a customer service. Your emotions were on the edge, you felt like boiling, but a calm and reasonable manager at the other side of a screen or handset quickly solved your problem. Were you satisfied? But were you sure you interacted with a human? According to s...

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A dozen predictions on cybersecurity trends for 2019

Security of critical infrastructure Of course, the hot topic of the year and even the next few years in Russia will be the security of critical infrastructures. This will be fostered primarily by compliance. Many companies will undertake categorization of their infrastructures. Those who ...

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New Technologies in Healthcare: Digital Transformation and its Case Studies

Digital transformation penetrates all fields of our life, and healthcare services could not remain untouched. Electronic medical records, electronic recipes, and electronic sick lists are no longer something exotic — they are the services of private clinics that patients expect to get. T...

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Artificial Intelligence: the Reality and the Future

In his interview Stanislav Voronin, Head of the BI Department at Softline, explains the capabilities of artificial intelligence, usage scenarios and covers AI-powered solutions from Softline. - Stanislav, please tell us about some AI use cases. In which areas can it be applied? - There were a...

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Machine Learning and Business Revolution

At the present time, machine learning based on data collection and analysis, and artificial intelligence as the next stage of its evolution are no longer an attribute of fantastic novels and films—it is a working technology capable to solve real-life tasks in various industries. The clai...

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In the digital economy era the winners are those who experiment with technologies

Yuri told us about the prospects of online trade, personalization, chatbots, and other technologies that change the landscape of traditional retail. — What is the current state of the e-commerce market in Russia and its potential? How will the volume of digital retail grow in future? Wha...

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Artificial Intelligence Technologies are the Mainstream Direction for the IT Market in General

Alexander Filatov, CEO and president at Parascript, a leader in the development of handwriting recognition and signature verification technologies. In our opinion, digital transformation lies at the very heart of products created by Parascript. With these solutions, the company's custom...

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Breakthrough Projects Anticipate the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Advantages and features of software solutions in supporting digital production, preparation of an enterprise for implementation of PLM-system, need of Russian companies for digitalization – these are the topics we discussed with Viktor Bespalov, Vice President and General Manager of Siemens...

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Artificial Intelligence Helps Big Data

The irony of so-called big data is that they are easier to obtain than to use. Any accounting automation (even partial) creates points for input and accumulation of all types of information. The databases are gradually growing, gaining more tables, file archives, tons of email correspondence, rep...

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Create a Smart World

The integration of BIM, smart devices and the Internet of Things in construction engineering is both a necessity and the most rational way to apply technology. How Does Smart Construction Work А comprehensive approach to smart device operation and interaction between them ensures continuous...

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