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Our solutions: software and hardware

Welcome to hyperconvergence!

A hyperconvergent infrastructure (HCI) combines computing, storage and networking into a single integrated system that can be managed as a whole.  The architecture of IT infrastructures over the past 15 years has been evolving in two principal directions, namely application deployment opt...

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How to Prevent DDoS Attacks on Educational Institutions

The transition to remote work and the rise of online education caused an expected growth in the number of DDoS attacks, including attacks on the resources of educational and administrative institutions. According to Kaspersky Lab, in the Q1 2020, these cases reached 19% out of the total number of...

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Software and Hardware for Working from Home

Teleworking is growing in scope and finding many applications in various areas. Some companies allow their employees to work from home while providing them with corporate hardware. As a rule, just a few devices are enough to make a convenient workplace. All you need is a desk, a computer, a heads...

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Zyfra and Softline explore Industry 4.0

Softline cooperates with Zyfra Group—one of the most advanced vendors in the world of Industry 4.0:  the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, self-driving transport. Zyfra creates software that helps enterprises from 22 countries solve the problems of monitoring, ana...

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Softline Digital Platform: Self-Service Subscription and Payment Management

Softline has developed and deployed its own Active Platform-based solution for working with subscription and cloud services in 15 countries. With this tool, customers can manage current subscriptions to products and services of several vendors, purchase new subscriptions from the catalog, manage ...

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Architecting Your Business

The modern enterprise IT architecture, be it cloud-based or local, can be presented as a combination of several different aspects. The first level describes the main business processes of the enterprise in a general sense and defines the key points of the corporate IT strategy. The second leve...

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Multi-Link Virtual WAN site connectivity

According to Gartner, running workloads in the cloud yields large efficiency gains and by 2020 83% of all enterprise workloads are expected to be hosted in the cloud. But many cloud migration projects fail to deliver on the goal of moving the services to the cloud that retain the same level of se...

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CSP and SPLA: Short Microsoft Licensing Menu

The Microsoft CSP and SPLA partner licensing programs are designed to address current business challenges and help: purchase licenses for a group of companies or offer licensing services to customers   switch to a monthly pay-per-use plan with post-payment and without fixed payments ...

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CRM for Everyone!

Microsoft CRM, what is it? Microsoft Customer Relationship Management System is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution improves the efficiency of your organization by optimizing business processes in sales, marketing, and service departments, enabling you to focus on building and maintai...

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Threat Spotlight: Inefficient incident response

Inefficient incident response to email attacks is costing businesses billions in losses every year. For many organizations, finding, identifying and removing email threats is a slow and manual process that takes too long and uses too many resources. As a result, attacks often have time to spread ...

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Stay in Touch!

Skype for Business is a communication suite with many tools that will improve the collaboration of your employees. Your company can make use of the gold standard of unified communications! Don’t lag behind Unfortunately, even many large companies with 250+ employees have obsolete ...

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Three reasons why spear phishing is so effective

It seems you can hardly go a day without hearing about another data breach, money transfer scam, or some other crime that started out as a spear phishing attack.  Email-borne threats have always been a top priority for IT security, but spear phishing is one of the fastest growing attacks.&nb...

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Softline Digest for Microsoft Customers #6

You are welcome to Issue 6 of our monthly Microsoft Digest. We keep on familiarizing you with new products of the Microsoft cloud world, interesting facts of the digital technology universe, and useful features which you can put into practice when using Azure and Office 365 services. OFFICE ...

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10 reasons to migrate to Microsoft SQL Server 2019

At the heart of the modern data platform In the last decade SQL Server has made its way from a solution for small and medium RDBMS to a powerful data platform for companies and business critical applications, highly reliable and failure-safe. Every new release of SQL Server looks more and more...

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Softline Digest. Issue #5

Welcome to the fifth issue of monthly Microsoft digest for our clients. We continue familiarizing you with the novelties from the world of Microsoft cloud solutions, interesting facts from the history of digital technologies, and interesting features that you can implement in practice when workin...

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Information security as a part of digital transformation

A couple of decades ago, a computer program was used for application purposes for the first time, and that was the beginning of digitalization. We will use this word for everything associated with usage of software, binary code, IT. Initially, programs were used for calculations, but consequently...

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