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Lockdown and a deep dive into learning with Cisco Webex

Many people now feel that their lives have been split into the pre-Covid and the post-Covid times. As for educational institutions, this threshold is marked by a changing attitude to distance learning. Until recently, many universities and schools were skeptical about e-learning and delayed activ...

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Why you should lease a dedicated server

Sometimes you need a separate server to handle a specific task, but the purchase is unreasonably expensive or impossible for some reason. That is exactly the case when you need a leased dedicated server. This practice is popular all over the world, and market offers abound. But make sure to consi...

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Support Me

Technical support is one of the main assistants in providing business continuity and in everyday life. In a nutshell, it is an indispensable service. From time to time, every one of us addresses corporate or any other technical support service. We attempted to list the things that annoy you most ...

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Cybersecurity and the Pandemic: How to Organize Secure Remote Access

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of telecommuting: dozens of employers are transferring employees to home offices. This convenient format reduces the probability of infection, but at the same time, it entails many risks related to information security. Besides, the situation is ...

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The Cloud Journey: How to Create Secure and Affordable Remote Workplaces in the Shortest Terms

The difficult situation in Russia and worldwide has become a true test for businesses. Striving not only to survive but also to maintain the given development vector, the enterprises from all sectors of the economy learn to operate efficiently in new realities. Today I will share with you the exp...

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Synergy Effect

Website is a showcase of every company, and web applications and web portal offer the critical functions and competitive edges. How did it all start 10–15 years ago, most corporate websites acted as “business cards.” They were written in HTML and displayed static informati...

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UEBA Systems, or How to Expose a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Back in the 19th century, Nathan Rothschild made an oracular utterance: "He Who Owns Information Owns the World." Now his words are as true and relevant as never before. With the right information, you can make incredible profits, raise your business to new heights, become the first in ...

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Geoanalytics: a Tool for Efficient Business Management

Positioning the points of sale or branches in the locations most convenient for customers is vital for retailers and catering companies, financial institutions, and service providers. Another important thing they need is analyzing the locations of their competitors' branches. Geoanalytics all...

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Can IT be recovered?

Enterprise-level data security and recovery is a must-have for digital transformation success. The scale of corporate digital transformation projects are becoming impressive. Such technologies as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Customer 360, Insurtec, not to mention the multicloud IT arc...

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Outsourcing: the Game is Worth the Candle

The purpose of any business is to create new things and make progress. Among the huge number of daily tasks and challenges, there is at least one that is recommended to be delegated to a partner—technical support of the existing IT systems. Vladimir Turlachev, Head of Technical Support and ...

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Top-Notch Support!

What is the core idea of technical support, outsourcing, IT platform, or system maintenance services in Softline? For us, a signed maintenance agreement is not only a document but also a convincing proof of mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership between the customer and the contractor. W...

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VizorLabs Health&Safety: AI is Watching You!

Video surveillance is the key element of security control in manufacturing, logistics, and numerous other industries. It ensures protection from external threats, control over industrial and occupational safety measures, and reduces the incidence of injuries. As many people are inclined to vio...

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 for Business Development

It does not matter whether your business is about the sales of goods, production, or services: the customer is always a key link, which determines the company’s profit. CRM systems are developed to improve contact with customers by optimizing and automating business processes. Such solution...

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Smart Video Surveillance Powered by AI and Computer Vision

Video surveillance is a must-have to ensure facility security in manufacturing, logistics, and many other industries. Not only does it protect against external threats, but it also monitors the implementation of occupational health and safety measures and prevents injuries. Unfortunately, peopl...

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Traditional Purchase, Leasing, or HaaS?

Sooner or later, every company has to face the need to purchase new IT equipment. Sometimes it is the first purchase for a startup, other times it is a routine equipment change-out once in several years. And every time it is not only about deciding what, and in what quantity, one needs to buy, bu...

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Vocamate Robotic Call Centers

At the time when the quality of service in call centers of some companies falls due to congestion, others use bots that allow reducing communication costs and acquire more loyal customers by a factor of 20. Personal IT Vocamate interactive is a service for voice and text communication robo...

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Neuronets and machine learning mechanisms in process automation

The concept of fully electronic interaction gives businesses new competitive advantages: routine operations are handled by artificial intelligence, smart search understands natural language, and chat bots simplify access to corporate information. We will talk about intelligent tools DIRECTUM, usi...

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Business Automation Using Voice and Chat Bots

In IT environment of a modern company, a special attention is paid to ensuring easy data use between application and data availability to customers via different communication channels. As the result of development of speech recognition and synthesis technologies, intelligent voice and chat bots ...

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Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework is a platform for creating applications—bots that automate business processes or increase their efficiency. Their common application areas include human resources, finance, IT, and business. Nowadays, smartphones or other mobile devices are used to solve many task...

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Data protection and business continuity for SAP solutions in the Azure cloud

The solution for those who value the continuity of business-critical applications. Business processes continuity is vital for many companies. Businesses who use ERP systems such as SAP can suffer severe losses if the system goes offline. Even a simple power outage, not to mention cyberattacks ...

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Do your routine tasks faster with RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the fastest growing software technologies and one of the most affordable implementation of artificial intelligence. Many enterprises expect the RPA to allow a significant number of employees to complete repetitive data processing tasks quickly, at lower ...

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Business Intelligence for Financial Institutions

An important task in business intelligence for financial applications is using predictive technologies to identify patterns and trends in structured and unstructured data. They can be used to predict user behavior, perform credit scoring, attract new customers, create additional products, and ass...

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Are you Ready to Entrust Your Data to an Outsourcing Company?

Letting third parties access the infrastructure is a sensitive issue for any security service, and allowing third parties to read the internal correspondence of employees is even worse. For most companies, this sounds like a nightmare. However, Anna Popova, Head of the Data Leak Prevention System...

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Managed Print Services (MPS)

Printing is a technical process that is an essential part of many business workflows. What could ever go wrong with it? It might seem a routine task—you just send documents to the printer and get a printout. The reality is a little different: toner or ink depletion, faulty equipment, or lon...

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Threat Spotlight: IoT application vulnerabilities leave IOT devices open to attack

IoT devices were popular gifts again this holiday season. An acronym for Internet of Things, IoT is more than a buzzword. The trend represents a huge shift in how products are made and used, as network connectivity is added to products that were not previously intended to have this functionality....

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Technical Support: Business Continuity and Security

The issues of corporate information security also refer to technical support: as a rule, it provided by a part of IT Department, the responsibility of which is to enable the uninterrupted work of IT systems and protect them. In large companies, technical support service is an integrated center...

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Blockchain-based online store for educational institutions

The Softline portal for academic customers (http://school.softline.ru) now runs on Aggregion's next-generation blockchain-based platform. The distributed database approach will give the right-holders full control over the management of software and content license parameters, allow the transf...

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Office 365: additional services that you didn’t know about

Office 365 includes not only collaboration tools for any company but also a suite of enterprise-grade cloud services hosted on Microsoft platforms. With Office 365, you will no longer need to deploy and maintain local servers, purchase software and maintain an IT staff. Furthermore, Office 365...

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Penetration Tests: Can You Get Hacked Or Not?

The fact that sooner or later someone will try to hack you is a shocking piece of news for business. And the issue is not only about competitors aiming at new products, or intruders conceiving the idea of blackmail. Any company may become a target of random carpet bombing, for example fishing. Or...

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Outsourcing has Long since been Ruling the Word

All companies, from small to large, transfer part of their work to third parties. The leaders in this matter are American companies: the top five outsourcers include corporations such as Apple, Nike, Cisco, Walmart, and IBM. It would be extraordinary if the trends in the IT service market were...

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Digital HR. Non-human Resources for Personnel Management

The digital revolution in HR is a widely discussed trend. Let’s analyze which technologies will help to optimize business, how to work with them and which goals to achieve. Digital HR involves changing the way you interact with employees and meticulous development of a strategy that will...

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Microsoft Azure for Small and Medium Businesses

The business process efficiency directly influences the company's progress. When a business develops successfully, new tasks and needs inevitably arise, which requires an increase in IT capacities and implementation of new cloud services. Anton Milekhin, Microsoft Azure Business Development M...

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Mobile Tricks: a Few Ways to Cheat DLP Systems and to Prevent It

When DLP systems first appeared in Russia, they were designed only for workstation protection. However, due to the recent technological developments, adoption of the BYOD concept by businesses, wide use of smartphones and tablets, frequent business trips, and an increasing number of home-office w...

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