Geoanalytics: a Tool for Efficient Business Management

Positioning the points of sale or branches in the locations most convenient for customers is vital for retailers and catering companies, financial institutions, and service providers. Another important thing they need is analyzing the locations of their competitors' branches. Geoanalytics all...

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VizorLabs Health&Safety: AI is Watching You!

Video surveillance is the key element of security control in manufacturing, logistics, and numerous other industries. It ensures protection from external threats, control over industrial and occupational safety measures, and reduces the incidence of injuries. As many people are inclined to vio...

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Neuronets and machine learning mechanisms in process automation

The concept of fully electronic interaction gives businesses new competitive advantages: routine operations are handled by artificial intelligence, smart search understands natural language, and chat bots simplify access to corporate information. We will talk about intelligent tools DIRECTUM, usi...

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Smart Video Surveillance Powered by AI and Computer Vision

Video surveillance is a must-have to ensure facility security in manufacturing, logistics, and many other industries. Not only does it protect against external threats, but it also monitors the implementation of occupational health and safety measures and prevents injuries. Unfortunately, peopl...

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Business Intelligence for Financial Institutions

An important task in business intelligence for financial applications is using predictive technologies to identify patterns and trends in structured and unstructured data. They can be used to predict user behavior, perform credit scoring, attract new customers, create additional products, and ass...

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Neuronet For Benefit Of Customer Service

A loyal customer means high profit. Do you know that, according to Oracle, 86% customers are ready to pay for better service? This is precisely why, as Gartner reports, in 2017 50% of B2C investment projects globally have been aimed at development of the customer experience. And according to Dime...

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10 reasons to migrate to Microsoft SQL Server 2019

At the heart of the modern data platform In the last decade SQL Server has made its way from a solution for small and medium RDBMS to a powerful data platform for companies and business critical applications, highly reliable and failure-safe. Every new release of SQL Server looks more and more...

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Artificial Intelligence: the Reality and the Future

In his interview Stanislav Voronin, Head of the BI Department at Softline, explains the capabilities of artificial intelligence, usage scenarios and covers AI-powered solutions from Softline. - Stanislav, please tell us about some AI use cases. In which areas can it be applied? - There were a...

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Artificial Intelligence Technologies are the Mainstream Direction for the IT Market in General

Alexander Filatov, CEO and president at Parascript, a leader in the development of handwriting recognition and signature verification technologies. In our opinion, digital transformation lies at the very heart of products created by Parascript. With these solutions, the company's custom...

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Artificial Intelligence Helps Big Data

The irony of so-called big data is that they are easier to obtain than to use. Any accounting automation (even partial) creates points for input and accumulation of all types of information. The databases are gradually growing, gaining more tables, file archives, tons of email correspondence, rep...

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