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Driving business

You have a product, we have a merchant, or How to organize online sales around the world

Software development and hardware production are one side of the IT business. The implementation of these products is quite different, in which online trading is gaining more and more importance. Just look at the statistics, and we will see that from 2017 to 2020, the global online trading market has almost doubled: from $ 2.3 trillion to $ 4.5 trillion.  The numbers are impressive, right?

A very important "but"

It seems that this is globalization at work. Now there is no local binding, incredible opportunities have opened up, but there is an important "but"! And this "but" lies in the regional specificity. To bring solutions to the market of another country, you need to know the peculiarities of taxation, ensure convenient payment of decisions and compliance of documents with the requirements of the legislation, and finally provide technical support in the state language. And this is already a serious obstacle, which e-commerce online services help to cope with.

Let's go beyond

Various online services help to cope with the above difficulties, a kind of aggregators that are ready to become intermediaries between sellers from any country and buyers around the world. However, there are nuances here, because all the offers are significantly different and each time you have to look for the best of them. But, be that as it may, online E-commerce services allow you to focus on the development and improvement of the product, and not on its implementation.

What can I offer?

Softline, being a global provider of IT solutions and services in more than 50 countries, is developing its own Softline Ecommerce solution. The project covers the markets of Russia, Asia, Europe and Latin America.
Advantages of Softline Ecommerce:
  • A variety of payment options, including local payment systems in the CIS, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America and an excellent knowledge of the preferences of the population and business of a particular country.
  • Extensive expertise in the field of tax legislation of the countries of presence.
  • Deep understanding of the specifics of legislation, including issues of personal data processing, as well as compliance with GDPR, LGPD, FL-152.
  • Adaptation of online sales tools to the preferences of customers in each region.
  • Customer support in the official languages of the countries of existance.
  • Technical and marketing support of the developer throughout the entire period of cooperation.
Softline Ecommerce in numbers:
  • More than 100 local payment systems.
  • More than 1.5 thousand requests are processed daily by the Softline client service.
  • More than 10 thousand orders are processed daily by the Softline Ecommerce platform.
  • Customer support in 12 languages, including Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish. 
  • + 36% to turnover in 2020 versus 2019

Comparative testing 

Softline Ecommerce

AB testing is done as follows: A customer visits the seller's website and the traffic is split 50-50 between two different e-commerce services. After 3-4 weeks, sales are compared.  It turns out which basket works better, where there are more successful orders, where people pay with great pleasure. As you can see from the graph, SoftlineEcommerce shows a steady 20% growth in the number of sales and paid orders.
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