The Right Cloud Infrastructure for Today and Tomorrow

Have you already moved to the cloud or are just planning to do so? At any stage of your cloud journey you can benefit from Softline’s service packages such as cloud readiness assessment, migration or management, and independent audit of the cloud infrastructure.   How the cloud h...

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Post-Covid Trends & Recommendations

This summer, Softline commissioned several studies to look at the business impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business environment, the related trends, and align the approach to our strategy, management and investment. We interviewed leading entrepreneurs and sales executives plus customer a...

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Welcome to hyperconvergence!

A hyperconvergent infrastructure (HCI) combines computing, storage and networking into a single integrated system that can be managed as a whole.  The architecture of IT infrastructures over the past 15 years has been evolving in two principal directions, namely application deployment opt...

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How to Prevent DDoS Attacks on Educational Institutions

The transition to remote work and the rise of online education caused an expected growth in the number of DDoS attacks, including attacks on the resources of educational and administrative institutions. According to Kaspersky Lab, in the Q1 2020, these cases reached 19% out of the total number of...

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Softline Maestro. September Release: vSphere, Budgets by Tags, New Reports

Softline Maestro is a hybrid cloud management platform that supports AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, and OpenStack based clouds. Latest release brings support of vSphere 6.7 (VMware), use of tags for budget control, page with audit events stream, new reports and notifications, new wizards to manage stor...

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Support Me

Technical support is one of the main assistants in providing business continuity and in everyday life. In a nutshell, it is an indispensable service. From time to time, every one of us addresses corporate or any other technical support service. We attempted to list the things that annoy you most ...

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The Rise of the Digital Makes the World More Vulnerable

Like to risk big? Then start saving on security. Businesses become more and more digital: companies go online, adopt remote work, etc. But becoming data-driven also makes them more susceptible to risks. You need nerves of steel to deal with it. However, there is also good news. Vladimir Lavrov, H...

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Mini Cyborgs among Us: Development of Computer Chips Using Biological Neurons

Creating software simulations of the human brain is considered the most promising approach to artificial intelligence. The Australian startup Cortical Labs has gone even further: it aims to create a minuscule artificial brain by embedding biological neurons of mouse or human origin into a spec...

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How to Secure your Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has made telecommuting essential: dozens of employers are transferring employees to home offices. This convenient format reduces the probability of virus infection but, at the same time, entails many cybersecurity risks. The rising trend has been also caught by criminals&mda...

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Cloud Resource Monitoring with Softline Maestro

Maestro is a platform that connects to all company cloud resources and manages them through a single window with the use of a single set of tools. The platform has three primary engines: dynamic Inventory, automation, and billing. In this article, we will tell you more about the inventory func...

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Many Clouds-One Solution

What is a cloud management platform?   Cloud management platforms have emerged with the adoption of hyperscale computing technology and cloud providers. The main idea of the multi-cloud management platforms is to consolidate infrastructure information and to simplify control for users ...

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What Do CEOs Really Want?

Imagine yourself for a couple of minutes in a CEO's seat. What's in their head, what are their thoughts and priorities? My answer is Confidence. Confidence is priority No.1. Priorities No.2, 3 and 4 are also Confidence.  Why do I repeat word ‘confidence’ four times, yo...

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Softline Maestro: the Cloud Symphony

Hybrid cloud management platform With growing cloud adoption, more companies face the challenge of keeping infrastructure from sprawl and multi-cloud expenses under control. Surveys show that most companies choose to use two public clouds, like Azure and AWS, and even more for testing, many fi...

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Software and Hardware for Working from Home

Teleworking is growing in scope and finding many applications in various areas. Some companies allow their employees to work from home while providing them with corporate hardware. As a rule, just a few devices are enough to make a convenient workplace. All you need is a desk, a computer, a heads...

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A World of Epic Fakes

Live like in a fairy tale but stay vigilant AI does not care whether it does good or evil. It is not going to do anything out of its inherent kindness or maliciousness: there is a human behind every AI action, a human willing to make money, avenge, have fun, satisfy their curiosity, or test so...

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Urbanization Marches on: What Changes Await the World of Tomorrow

We live in a unique time. Our generation has witnessed the change of millennia, many people remember the Year 2000 problem, solving which demanded the joint effort of almost the entire IT market. Today we are at the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution—a unique phenomenon that will change ...

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Softline offers ABBYY an optimal cloud flight plan

Thanks to the SAM Infrastructure Optimization project implemented by Softline, ABBYY has optimized its IT infrastructure and prepared to move to the cloud. Using Microsoft cloud services will allow you to create effective intellectual resources and create comfortable conditions. ABBYY has been...

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Localization and Transparency: Kaspersky and Allsoft Ecommerce in Vietnam

Exploring a new market is never easy, and entering the market of non-CIS countries is especially challenging. This journey has many pitfalls that are often difficult to predict. There are many reasons why exploring a new market is so sophisticated: the subtleties of local law, taxation, and langu...

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Office 365 for Georgian Water and Power

A leading water supplier Georgian Water and Power, which provides high quality potable water to Tbilisi, launched a new project in 2017 - the modernization of the work environment. Softline Georgia introduced Microsoft Office 365 services at GWP. As a result, a cloud storage and corporate portal ...

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Softline Georgia helps bookmaker business migrate to Office 365

Softline Georgia has successfully migrated the infrastructure of Aviator Ltd. (Adjarabet) from Google App to Office 365. The project commenced in February 2020 and was completed on April 29, 2020. Aviator Ltd. (Adjarabet) -  a pioneer of the bookmaker business and market leader in Georgia...

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