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Business Process Automation with CREATIO for a Public Sector Organization


In the ranking of low-code platforms published by Market.Cnews in September 2021, the Creatio BPM system powered by the Terrasoft platform took first place. The SLDDigital.com editorial staff asked Svetlana Ermakova, Head of CRM and BPM Division at Softline, about how to automate efficiently the internal processes of state companies without custom development and what differentiates Creatio from its competitors.

Why public sector organizations need it

Managing any organization requires maneuvering between constantly emerging challenges, both external and internal, and public sector organizations are forced to adjust to new realities just as private businesses.

Corporations must respond to rapidly changing legal requirements by urgently initiating audits, preparing analytical data, printed forms, and new regulations on employee interaction. As a result, their systems must be fast and agile. Previously, companies used to spend several years and thousands of development hours to build a new document management system. But today, the BPM (Business Process Management) market offers customers a better approach.

With a low-code approach to creating services and applications, you can automate any end-to-end business processes without involving developers. For example, Creatio, a low-code system based on the TerraSoft platform, allows business analysts to maintain and develop the workflows and configure new processes. Changing the algorithm does not require reviewing thousands of code lines, and all actions on objects in Creatio are made in a visual editor. The creators of the BPM (Business Process Management) system say that configuring any business process in it is as easy as assembling a LEGO.

Why public sector organizations need it

New low-code platforms often appear on the market. Why have public sector organizations such as Russian Post, SIBUR, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, the Russian Regional Development Bank, and many others chosen Terrasoft?

  1. Terrasoft is a member of the Association of Software Developers "Domestic Software", which unites Russian business software vendors;
  2. Terrasoft software is included in the Unified Register of Russian Software;
  3. The platform is fully compliant with the requirements of Federal Law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" and has a supporting FSTEC certificate.

In addition, Creatio's BPM system was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for full-cycle sales force automation solutions for the third year in a row. Public sector organizations can use CRM systems for processing and analyzing data on the users of budgetary services.

Terrasoft helps consolidate data

The system easily integrates with the existing directories of a budgetary organization and simplifies the work with them. If the organization handles appeals from citizens, Creatio will help to form a user profile and provide a complete history of their relationship with the government agency. Creatio can search for data about users posted in all public sources. For example, if a service user did not specify the name of the university they graduated from, the system will find this data on Facebook and add it to the profile. Having collected data about users, Creatio segments them by specified characteristics (geography, gender, age, marital status, etc.) and analyzes them in real-time.

Creatio assesses the number of users and the amount of data to help you plan the workload, allocate resources for efficient handling of requests, and track their execution. For example, you can assign responsible persons to a certain group depending on the region and competence, or create an automatic rule to assign tasks to them.

Almost all public sector organizations have to work with a large number of contractors. In this case, Creatio increases the transparency of relations with third parties, coordinates the interaction between groups of contractors, and tracks the activities of each of them.

Terrasoft helps consolidate data

You can use a database of counterparties to organize and conduct a seminar, a conference, or a special project—the system supports these functions out of the box. Creatio can also be used to automate information retrieval and reporting.

The basic architecture is created as early as in the Creatio implementation stage. Creatio generates directories for each organization, which can be used for analytics and reporting, and relieves employees from some of the daily routines that were previously performed manually in Excel.

Creatio can be integrated with the corporate accounting system, simplifying the processes of budgeting, financing, and budget execution management. Thus, organizations that work with customer contracts can receive data on user payments and control accounts receivable, such as utilities (power suppliers, among others) or large telecom companies.

Prompt and high-quality customer service with Terrasoft

Budgetary organizations work with millions of personal appeals every day—and each of them must be processed and resolved within the deadlines stipulated by law. Some of them require only a brief answer on the service provider's portal, while others require several cycles of approval by different agencies and a written response.

The quality of personal communications determines user satisfaction and the reputation of the organization. To promptly resolve the population's issues, such customers must efficiently route appeals: this feature is especially important for geographically distributed postal services. Creatio offers a ready-to-use query handling process for such queries and requests.

Prompt and high-quality customer service with Terrasoft

The hotline is the most popular channel of communication with government agencies. When starting a conversation, operators often have to ask the caller to provide personal information (TIN, personal insurance policy number, etc.), which complicates communication. The BPM system can identify the caller and shows this data, as well as open user requests, to the operator. Another advantage of the automated contact center is that after call forwarding, the user does not have to say his name several times and repeat the nature of the problem. When Creatio transfers a call, it also provides another operator with the customer profile.

Terrasoft offers one more function valuable for ministries and governmental agencies—a self-service portal for self-registration. Customers (individuals and legal entities) send requests to the portal, the system processes them and distributes them to the operators who call back to the customer and clarify the details about their visit.

It is convenient when unique knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years are not kept in the heads of experienced employees but are consolidated in a single corporate knowledge base. Creatio includes a special module to create such a registry of information, to store articles, presentations, videos, and links to internal resources.

As a result, the knowledge base with standard operation procedures or user interaction scripts becomes available to all corporate employees. When responding to a customer's request, the operator can refer to the knowledge base and, using keywords, quickly find a solution to the problem. The operator only needs to attach the article to the number of the new request without having to copy the text. All customer interactions are performed within one platform, and integration with third-party systems becomes almost unnecessary.

This is an example of a fully transparent end-to-end process, where the manager can trace the entire chain of customer communications, from the first call to the customer satisfaction score.

CREATIO Softline

Creatio helps public officials to quickly and efficiently handle paperwork, such as executing responses on the corporate letterhead, assigning incoming and outgoing numbers, and putting a signature or a facsimile from the responsible person. The system integrates a single database of contracts and documentation templates, a ready-made approval process, and tools for quick access to payments and invoices.

Full cycle of back-office management in a public sector organization

With Creatio, it is easy to manage not only customer communications but also internal processes. Almost all public service centers have become partially digitalized, and every citizen today resolves almost all their everyday issues through a personal account in a single-window mode. But the government service business processes still need improvement.

The HR service may use such functions of Terrasoft as recruitment automation, tracking of onboarding milestones, and comprehensive staff assessment. In large public sector corporations, hundreds of people are hired, promoted, and fired every day, so HR professionals need a reliable tool to improve their work.

The Creatio toolkit also implements ITSM processes: hardware and ServiceDesk request monitoring, data- and function-level access control, and logging of user actions. Narrowly-specialized organizations can automate the process of passing expert reviews and obtaining licenses, certificates. This functionality is also suitable for those agencies that need to approve plans, design solutions, and design drawings regularly.

Terrasoft applies a unified methodology involving a cross-functional team to all implementation projects. This ensures versatile expertise and guarantees a quality result. Every project team includes an architect, a project manager, a BI department, a development department, and a technical support department. To find out how exactly Creatio can increase the efficiency of your organization, contact Svetlana Ermakova, Head of CRM and BPM Division, Department of Business Solutions Svetlana.Ermakova@softline.com

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