Three projects in Asia

More and more organizations around the world choose Softline as a supplier of Microsoft solutions and there are reasons for that: we have the highest Microsoft competencies and statuses, have completed 3000+ projects, and have over 800 certified experts. We have selected 3 of our success stories ...

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Softline secures assets for M.Video-Eldorado

M.Video-Eldorado Group, Russia's largest appliances retailer, relies on Softline experience for securing its IT assets. The customer has turned to Infosecurity a Softline company for implementing the project on DLP-system optimization. The task is to build the process for incidents monitoring...

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Geoanalytics: a Tool for Efficient Business Management

Positioning the points of sale or branches in the locations most convenient for customers is vital for retailers and catering companies, financial institutions, and service providers. Another important thing they need is analyzing the locations of their competitors' branches. Geoanalytics all...

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Business Automation Using Voice and Chat Bots

In IT environment of a modern company, a special attention is paid to ensuring easy data use between application and data availability to customers via different communication channels. As the result of development of speech recognition and synthesis technologies, intelligent voice and chat bots ...

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Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework is a platform for creating applications—bots that automate business processes or increase their efficiency. Their common application areas include human resources, finance, IT, and business. Nowadays, smartphones or other mobile devices are used to solve many task...

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Pinpointed Advertising!

People love shopping—convenient shopping. They like having plenty of choices tailored to their preferences. That's why the majority of shop visitors feel uncomfortable when they see the strange navigation signs in the showroom, shelves with goods that do not suit them and advertising th...

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Omnichannelling your trade

In shoe and clothing retail, the main distribution channel is still brick-and-mortar shop: people love to go shopping, look at the goods live, try them on, and buy. This traditional model is very difficult to be outperformed and unlikely to be ever outcompeted, but online sales can complement it ...

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In the digital economy era the winners are those who experiment with technologies

Yuri told us about the prospects of online trade, personalization, chatbots, and other technologies that change the landscape of traditional retail. — What is the current state of the e-commerce market in Russia and its potential? How will the volume of digital retail grow in future? Wha...

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