Finding the right digital partner: focus on increasing your value

Companies rarely go their Digital transformation journey alone, collaboration more common. The ability to improve productivity and reduce costs through third-party expertise and innovation are important catalysts for success, and companies doing business alone will be a thing of the past. But the right digital partner not only takes care of productivity and costs, but also opens up new ideas for business.

Finding the right digital partner is crucial. I will talk about some of the reasons why finding the right digital partner is crucial when it comes to increasing customer value and uncovering the sources of that value. Today's CEOs are looking for partners who can help them thrive, not just survive in the modern digital world.

Digital requires advanced skills

Transformation may seem simple in theory, but it requires considerable experience and complex skills, investments in the necessary resources and experience. And business understands this - 75% are not sure that their organization possesses digital expertise necessary for success (Harvard Business Review report).

Working with experienced partners makes the goals of digital transformation achievable, be it practical integration for disparate business structures, improving user experience or collecting and analyzing information in real time.

Together, look for "how to do better"

Most companies today see a digital transformation consultant as a technology expert capable of creativity. A real journey in the direction of transformation implies new ideas in which strategies, design, experience and development are fused.

In a perfect digital organization, all disciplines work harmoniously, creating synergistic value and growth. This is the hardest part, the transformation know-how, a key attribute that you should pay attention to in your partner.

Empower your business with a true digital approach

If you notice that all prosperous digital companies have a digital foundation. They do not view digital communications as a channel or addition to their core business.

Similarly, partners that can help organizations transform are digital companies that can leverage IT and business. Using proven experience can seriously enhance your capabilities and broaden your horizons. This is why working with a partner who can digitize the very approach of your business can lay the foundation for success. Remember, historical internal structures and processes are not so easy to change on your own.

There is no universal formula for determining an ideal transformation partner, just as there is no common path. However, every journey through digital transformation invariably involves a breakthrough in new directions and the destruction of existing business models.

Therefore, organizations looking for an ideal partner should look for one that violates the established scenarios and works creatively.

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Sergey Cheronovolenko

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