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Business Kaleidoscope: ISV Solutions on the Azure Platform


Azure Cloud Platform is a versatile toolkit that enables you to create efficient solutions for specific business tasks. The key advantage of Azure is that it has a vast number of applications based on the platform. If you are facing a particular business challenge, it is highly likely that the solution for it has already been created on Azure by one of the numerous independent developers from around the world.

Addreality: Targeted smart advertising

The unique Addreality platform unobtrusively demonstrates only interesting offers to the audience and helps to increase sales. It can:

  • Create advertising content and manage it from one point;
  • Collect customer data and make targeted offers;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns to improve them.
No magic, just programmatic

Two modules—Addreality Face and Addreality CMS—work in tandem. The first one detects faces instantly, captures even short glances, and thus provides data about the audience, analyzes, and measures it. The second one shows the relevant offers, all in real time. Continuous and subtle performance marketing.

Case study: a cosmetics retail chain

The implementation in a 250-store chain has increased sales and customer loyalty. The system of digital solutions installed in the stores featured showcase screens, LED columns, advertising and information screens, and cash register displays for customers. Thanks to targeted offers on the cash register display, the average check has been increased by 7%.

Earlyone: smart queues

These solutions are designed for managing visitor flows, increasing staff productivity, and optimizing their loads. They improve customer experience and loyalty, increase sales, and optimize costs.

  • A mobile application for customers, which allows them to book time in a queue in advance to receive services.
  • Online monitoring and preset reports help managers monitor customer service from the beginning to the end of the day.
Use cases
  • Customer service areas in banks, post offices, and offices of insurance companies
  • Client centers of mobile operators
  • Medical centers and polyclinics
  • Tax and registration services
  • Embassies, visa centers, and consulates
  • Pension funds
  • Travel companies
  • Motor shows
  • Notary and law offices
Case study: retail bank

The implementation of Earlyone has significantly reduced the time visitors spend at the branch. This saves time and makes visiting the bank more comfortable. The number of customers using the remote booking service is growing, changing the culture of banking services. 10% of customers do not wait in the service office but get their place in the queue through mobile applications.

Express: communication system for business

The share of business communications via messengers keeps growing. They are fast, mobile, and efficient, but free solutions that everyone is used to cannot provide sufficient security and confidentiality of business communications. After all, the messenger account does not belong to the organization, and corporate data remains on the user's personal device.

If your company has its own messenger, such as the Express system, the business gets many advantages. Let's consider them all.

  • Exceptional security. All communications go through your server. Multi-level message encryption, user metadata protection, and encrypted mobile storage.
  • Control over communication. Automatic synchronization with Active Directory and instant change of user rights. Ability to manage user access rights and remotely erase the contents of the mobile storage.
  • Convenience. Users get the familiar interface; they can work with corporate and personal address books and see internal and external communications in one application.
  • Increase productivity. Achieved through integration with business systems and productivity tools—channels and workspaces.
  • Well-known productivity environment. Express provides users with an intuitive interface, which is very important. They can work on iOS, Android, and web platforms. A full set of necessary functions that we address every day is at hand: chat rooms for face-to-face discussions, group chats, calls, file, and document exchange.

VizorLabs H&S: video surveillance and AI-based analytics

The solution allows you to monitor the events at any production site with the help of an AI-powered response and warning system. The operator does not have to look at the screen all the time. Professional video analytics focuses on the analysis of critical situations detected by the system.

VizorLabs H&S video analytics has much more capabilities than out-of-the-box solution detectors, which do not always adequately assess the situation, give many false positives, and operate only on a high-quality video stream.

System purpose:

  • personnel identification by employee and tenant databases;
  • compliance with safety regulations, control of production personnel;
  • vehicle identification;
  • full control over production processes.
Case study: energy company

The video surveillance and analytics system was used to monitor whether the employees wear personal protective equipment. The system controls if they wear helmets, protective shields, and gloves and if their clothes are fully fastened. It also tracks the position of workers relative to switchgear panels. The monitoring system prototype met the customer's expectations, and it was decided to scale the system.

HeedBook: a neural network that improves customer experience

Using the video stream from an employee’s workplace, the HeedBook system analyzes information using neural networks and assesses the quality of customer service, analyzes the business processes, and monitors cross-sale capabilities.

HeedBook can be used in government service centers, banks, shops, and sales offices, transport companies, restaurants, clinics, insurance, and travel agencies, cinemas, car service centers, and museums.

  • Ranking the employees by their quality of service and workloads.
  • Monitoring the customer service process in real time, controlling the compliance to the script.
  • Analyzing words and phrases that provoke negative and positive emotions among customers.
  • Assessment of peak loads and downtime.
  • Recording dialogs for various purposes, collecting accurate data on the number and duration of dialogs.
  • Analyzing the customer's profile (by gender and age).
  • Providing targeted product offers, demonstrating targeted media content, and advertising.
  • Analyzing the customer's response to exclusive offers, promotions, discounts.
  • Indexing keywords by the frequency of their use.
  • Notifying on the events on the front line.

Data can be drilled down to the level of the client, employee, business process, office, and company.

Case study: tourism agency

The customer needed to raise sales and increase customer loyalty and successfully achieved this goal with the help of HeedBook. Insurance service sales have been increased by 5% due to the growth of the offer funnel, and the customer satisfaction index has been improved by 19%.

Vocamate Interactive: a smart call center

Up to 70% of calls are similar, so they can be processed without operators. This solution is designed for speech recognition, synthesis, and automatic processing of inbound and outbound calls according to a given scenario. The solution can remind the client about the date of the next payment or notify about the debts, automatically collect meter readings, record the calls to the support service, help the subscriber to connect with the necessary employee bypassing the secretary, and inform the clients about the readiness of the order, as well as about individual offers and promotions.

Voice Script Editor allows you to create and edit call processing scripts in an easy-to-use visual interface. Scripts can use system messages, expected responses from the interlocutor, business logic instructions, and even online interactions with external information systems. Interactive Voice Assistant is a powerful tool for working with clients. Integration with CRM allows you to automate the launch, execution of marketing activities, and collect their results. Voice Assistant can perceive both voice and tone dialing.

In outbound campaigns, Vocamate Interactive allows you to manage automatic call scenarios: notifications, reminders, surveys, or feedback collection.

Key capabilities: providing individual information for each subscriber, collecting data and feedback, recording conversations, providing operational and summary reporting on the progress and results.

Case study: energy sales company

The customer's call center receives more than 10,000 calls per month within 3 settlement days via 60 lines at a time. Most of the calls are related to the collection of electricity readings from citizens. The voice assistant communicates with the subscriber according to the given script: it identifies and receives meter readings (the collected data are stored in the accounting system), reports the amount of debt, and reminds about the terms and consequences of their violation.

Thanks to the project, more than 90% of the readings are accepted in automated mode. Labor costs are reduced, and the efficiency of debt management is increased.

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