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What Does Business Need to Learn from Tech Guys?

If you like TV series like IT Crowd or The Big Bang Theory, then you are spiritually close to the image of a genius, nerdy, sarcastic, and knowledge-obsessed researcher, geek programmer, mathematician, or scientist—in general, a guy with a sky-high IQ. There are plenty of them among expert software developers and engineers. These are the people who invent technologies that transform society, teach and entertain us, and become our daily companions. Their developments shape the future of the economy, business, and production.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders have a lot to learn from tech guys. We have prepared a shortlist with valuable positive qualities of the latter.

Making things clear

People with a mathematical mindset sometimes make the impression of cloudcuckoolanders. But that's only in everyday life. When they work on the project, they will pay meticulous attention to detail. Whether they write code, test software, or configure hardware, they check everything thoroughly. In software development, elaboration of minutest details, element classification, and labeling are the key factors determining the implementation success and product lifetime. It's like a puzzle: every piece should match its neighbors perfectly.

In business, attention to detail can be the secret that will make your company prosper. Focus on the little things when you study customer behavior, customer feedback, success and failure stories of your competitors, and even when you're tracking your thoughts, as ordinary days are full of business ideas.

Internal motivatio

While humanitarians are procrastinating and looking for their "destiny", while creative workers are suffering from the imperfections of the world and the indifference of the audience, technical professionals are excited to do their favorite thing–they create something unique. Everyone knows that a good programmer has enthusiastic eyes. Technical workers rarely agree to do something that does not sit right with them. There is no need to rush or hurry them. They are sure that life is worth spending on interesting things, so they start with playing racing videogames, then they are excited to develop 3D car models, and then a couple of fancy cars appear in their garage as a matter of course. Usually, those who work with pleasure make good money.

Businesses can also benefit from this approach and enthusiasm. It has been proven that executives who love their business are more likely to find the right team, inspire their subordinates, quickly make good deals, and have a gut feel for selecting business partners.


At first glance, technical guys might seem not very friendly and sociable. But in fact, they gladly maintain social ties with like-minded people. Remember the former popularity of Internet forums–after all, they were invented by IT specialists who needed platforms to search for kindred spirits, hang out with them, and exchange opinions on the Internet. These people invented open source, which is based on the idea of joint development, openness, a single and accessible product for those who understand it. This concept made a huge contribution to the development of information technologies.

Programmers have a strong sense of professional solidarity, a culture of mutual help, strong professional relationships, and (yes, indeed!) truly friendly relations for many years to come.

How does this relate to business, where every person you meet is either a customer or a competitor? Directly. Look for like-minded people inside and outside the company, promote products filled with ideas and meanings, stay in the limelight, search for supporters, and don't be shy to learn from industry leaders.


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