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Microsoft CRM, what is it?

Microsoft Customer Relationship Management System is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution improves the efficiency of your organization by optimizing business processes in sales, marketing, and service departments, enabling you to focus on building and maintaining customer relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a multi-purpose platform that includes all the tools for interaction with customers.

The classic idea of CRM is the automation of customer communications—from lead generation to the signing of contracts and payment receipt. In practice, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be adapted to automating a wide range of business processes.

The platform contains a lot of built-in tools that allow you to add new fields, set up relations between objects, events, and notifications, and migrate data by standard tools without involving developers.

Benefits of Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM is suitable for all industries, for organizations of all sizes.

  • It is a flexible system capable that can develop together with your business.
  • Microsoft regularly improves its functionality, and updates are released every month.
  • Microsoft CRM is fully integrated into the Microsoft work environment well-known for most customers. It is possible to work with Microsoft CRM from Outlook. Microsoft CRM is seamlessly integrated with Excel that facilitates report generation.
  • A familiar user-friendly interface in Microsoft style that does not require specific skills.
  • With its extensive analytical capabilities, you can connect Power BI or use built-in tools—for example, spreadsheets and advanced search tools.
  • Ten years warranty on the Microsoft version.

The accumulated experience has allowed us to develop several industry-specific solutions, in which specific business processes typical for different industries are implemented.

  1. Wholesale Trade and Distribution

CRM for Everyone! Softline

The solution implements processes of interaction with customers and partners specific for commercial activities. It allows you to link the work of sales, procurement, logistics, and accounting departments into a single system.

A product catalog is the most important asset of a trading company. Our solution helps to create and maintain the most user-friendly visual catalog of products with a built-in knowledge base.

The main task is to shorten the deal life cycle of and to get the most out of sales. Its analytical capabilities include sales planning and identification of the most profitable lines of business, for example, from the marginality point of view.

Integration with SharePoint enables document storage and document workflow management. The solution enables mobile access, provides analytical and monitoring panels, and integration with BI systems.

  1. Finance

CRM for Everyone! Softline

Banks and financial institutions have strict requirements for work with clients. An excellent example of it is the lending business process.  To automate it, we have implemented a special tool in Microsoft CRM for processing lending applications.

The application on the Microsoft CRM platform is based on the single-window principle. The entered data are automatically analyzed, checked according to knock-out criteria, and the completeness of the client credit folder.

It is also possible to integrate the application with the portal solution, document flow management system, banking systems, in which the client verification takes place.

  1. Real Estate

CRM for Everyone! Softline

Softline specialists have automated the sales process for a number of large property developers on the Microsoft CRM platform, and we used the accumulated experience to create a replicable solution.

Real estate sales managers need an easy-to-use visual representation of business objects. It is exactly what we implemented in the tools like Matrix Table, Selection of Variants, Booking, Pricing, Real Estate Object Generator.

Softline solutions allow you to establish clear regulations for the sales manager’s work, delimit the rights, and verify the main parameters.

Special modules are provided for after-sale service, when the object has been already transferred to the buyers, or claims are accepted and handled.

  1. Services

CRM for Everyone! Softline

Service companies are most accurate in reproducing their work in the classic concept of the CRM system. Processes of lead generation, lead analysis, cost generation, and contract execution can be singled out in their business processes. Softline solution allows you to build a proper customer base, classify the customers adequately and assess their needs, create a services catalog, and implement a flexible pricing policy.

A compulsory element is the integration of CRM with the accounting system. The information from the bottom of the sales funnel must be transmitted directly to the accounting system without any loss of data.

We have integrated the Microsoft CRM platform with IP telephony systems to implement a full cycle of inbound customer call processing and the outbound call system.

Why Softline?

Softline has started to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 2003. The Business Solutions Department was the pioneer in such projects in Russia. It successfully completed even the largest projects and automated sales processes within Softline.

Since 2003, we have implemented more than 100 projects in various industries, built a strong team of developers and consultants, and confirmed the Microsoft Gold Partner status for CRM solutions.

What does the CRM implementation project look like?

Pre-project investigation and analysis. At this stage, we assess the processes that need automation, estimate the scale of implementation and plan all the necessary details—for example, whether it is necessary to migrate data or to develop connectors for integration.

At the analysis stage, the customer often finds out that business processes are optimal and plans their re-engineering together with us.

Implementation. A project team has been formed, functional requirements and statement of work have been developed. After that, we install and configure the system, develop the required add-ons, test, debug, and put the system to trial operation, and train the users.

Technical support. Typically, the CRM system is still being developed intensely during the first year of operation. Softline specialists provide comprehensive support in the system development and help the customer to use CRM in the most efficient way.

Placement options

Microsoft Dynamics CRM system can be deployed in three different locations:

  • on-premise, on the customer's servers;
  • in the Microsoft public cloud;
  • on Softline cloud facilities.



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