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CSP and SPLA: Short Microsoft Licensing Menu

The Microsoft CSP and SPLA partner licensing programs are designed to address current business challenges and help:

  • purchase licenses for a group of companies or offer licensing services to customers  
  • switch to a monthly pay-per-use plan with post-payment and without fixed payments
  • expand the service portfolio

Microsoft CSP

Microsoft CSP is a licensing program that allows you to purchase Microsoft cloud products both for your own needs and for resale to your customers. There are two types of CSP contracts.

For in-house purposes

The CSP T1 channel enables the purchase of licenses and web services of Microsoft used for in-house purposes. This is an ideal offer for both small and large businesses due to the absence of capital expenses and upfront payments for software and IT infrastructure.

Key benefits of the channel:

  • Flexible resource consumption. Now you can change the number of licenses and web services used daily and pay only for actual consumption.
  • Always the latest software version. Products distributed by subscription is always of the latest version.
  • If you are already using Microsoft software on-premise, evaluate the hybrid infrastructure model and migrate some of your business processes to the cloud, thus significantly reducing the capital expenditures on infrastructure.
  • Trial product versions. Want to test the solution in action? Use the trial period to evaluate all its benefits!
For resale to customers

CSP T2 Channel is a partner channel that allows you to resell Microsoft licenses and web services and provide services based on these products. CSP T2 offers four cloud business models for partners:

  1. Resale. With this model, you generate profits reselling Microsoft licenses and web services.
  2. The implementation model enables you to provide implementation services for Microsoft products and cloud services. Partner's income is a sum of the partner's discount on licenses and web services and cost of the implementation services.
  3. Support is a model that implies a full cycle of work with the client, from sale and implementation of the solution and to further support of its users, their training, and consulting. Monthly IT service fees form the main part of income.
  4. Proprietary product. In this model, the partner can develop new products or integrate their proprietary products with Microsoft cloud solutions and deliver this product to customers.

All the main Microsoft products are available through the CSP program: Office 365, Azure, Microsoft 365, Windows, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Power BI, Project, Exchange Online, Skype for Business, Visio, OneDrive, etc.

Microsoft SPLA

The SPLA partner program gives access to the pay-as-you-go billing model, i.e., you pay only for software actually used by end users. As an official SPLA Reseller and the leading partner of Microsoft in Russia, Softline provides comprehensive support for companies wishing to work under the SPLA program.

SPLA helps you move to the cloud: SPLA partners can provide access to Microsoft software following the Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models.

As well as CSP, SPLA has both internal and external use.

The first option is for customer use

The SPLA Licensing Program is designed to provide services to data centers, telecom operators, internet providers, service providers, system integrators, ISVs, and companies that provide technical support for technology and business centers.

The most popular scenarios are:

  • building public and private clouds
  • software rental
  • system integration and IT infrastructure outsourcing
  • database hosting and web hosting
  • development of software based on the Microsoft platform and selling it as a service (SaaS)
  • rental of workstations and servers with pre-installed Microsoft software.
The second option is for internal use

With SPLA, you can use Microsoft licenses to provide access to IT services for users within your company. This option is available if the services are provided by a service company (an unaffiliated organization).

Once you've found a service company and enrolled in the SPLA program, you'll get access to virtually all Microsoft software without any advance payments or upfront investments, with a monthly fee only for the actual number of licenses used.


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