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Lockdown and a deep dive into learning with Cisco Webex


Many people now feel that their lives have been split into the pre-Covid and the post-Covid times. As for educational institutions, this threshold is marked by a changing attitude to distance learning. Until recently, many universities and schools were skeptical about e-learning and delayed active action in this field, although they understood all the potential benefits. 

The Covid outbreak in the spring of 2020 not only forced educational institutions to move to online learning platforms on a short notice, but also revealed many weak spots. It turned out that most Russian education institutions were not ready for remote work with students. Of course, everyone knows what a video conference is, but few people had any out-of-the-box solution, while the problem required an urgent response.  

Realizing that life would never be the same, educational institutions started searching for long-term remote learning solutions. They understood that education processes needed to be reinvented and that remote work tools are here to stay. 

Only time can tell how distance learning will change each individual school and the entire education system. One thing is obvious, however: every educational institution today follows the news in this area, and demand for new remote education projects should be high in the foreseeable future. No one wants to be stuck with a makeshift solution that would soon become obsolete and subject to replacement, so it makes sense to buy cutting-edge systems or perform upgrades as early as possible. 

One-stop solution

Although education is a fairly conservative domain, each institution implements e-learning under its own scenario. First of all, there is an abundance of solutions, and choosing the right one is a challenging task. The system we are talking about today, Cisco WebEx, differs in that it has an exceptionally long trial period of up to 90 days.

Moreover, WebEx is not a simple task-specific solution but a mature platform with a multitude of functions. Users who do not need its full capacity can buy a partial license covering just one or more services.

From small-scale meetings to big conferences

Educational institutions hold both large events and small training-type sessions. Therefore, WebEx offers two customized services: WebEx Training and WebEx Events. On top of that, Webex Meetings can be used to organize seminars for small groups with equal rights for all participants. WebEx also features a built-in corporate messenger. It is certainly a compelling solution for organizations with many users. 

Special price for educational institutions

Cisco offers a special plan for educational institutions at a fraction of the price for businesses. This subscription provides full access to Cisco WebEx service suite and allows each teacher to plan, create, and manage online meetings. Every student also gets a subscription to WebEx Teams.

Calm down… you are safe

Cisco solutions are well-known for their best-in-class security. Cisco WebEx robust encryption, compliance, monitoring, and governance features guarantee an organization that its data will be protected in any internal or external collaboration processes. 

A win-win solution for both parties

Some time ago, web conferences were believed to be just an inferior version of traditional video conferences. Now, with a contribution from Cisco, this myth has been largely dispelled. The quality of communication at WebEx meetings is simply excellent, so online classes and exams offer a rich and realistic experience for teachers and students alike. 

An instructor may teach a course for the entire audience of his students, plan a special event or split students into groups. Students can use the chat room not only to study but also to stay in touch. Another new opportunity for instructors is to teach several subjects at once to different classes, moving between them for control and assistance. WebEx also enables online surveys and tests whose results are saved in the system for future performance evaluation purposes. 

Students, of course, enjoy great mobility with distance learning. The can study from anywhere using any desktop, notebook or mobile device. In fact, taking part in a meaningful education process becomes just a matter of access to the Web. 

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