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Neuronets and machine learning mechanisms in process automation


The concept of fully electronic interaction gives businesses new competitive advantages: routine operations are handled by artificial intelligence, smart search understands natural language, and chat bots simplify access to corporate information. We will talk about intelligent tools DIRECTUM, using machine learning algorithms that allow automating routine operations of employees due to artificial intelligence.


Ario tools are a set of intelligent tools that use machine learning algorithms to facilitate routine operations such as document and data flow processing for classification, meaningful data extraction, automatic registration, and routing.

Ario tools allow processing both structured (invoices, CMR notes, etc.) and non-structured (letters, acts, etc.) documents, classifying them by the type and extracting meaningful data from them for further use in enterprise information systems.

The solution is built on the basis of a freely distributed set of libraries with significant improvements and a software add-in. Despite the use of free software, all support is provided by DIRECTUM.

Neuronets and machine learning mechanisms in process automation Softline

Scalable solution architecture

DIRECTUM Ario consists of several independent web services and an application part. This architecture allows gradually adding new intelligent mechanisms to the system and at the same time working with them in the usual ECM-system interface.

DIRECTUM Ario services

The service is based on intelligent recognition methods of computer vision and recurrent neuronets, which take into account the context of work and provide an accuracy of above 97%.

Classification service of DIRECTUM Ario is built on machine learning algorithms. DIRECTUM Ario classifiers train on your organization's documents. With the competent organization of the training system, this gives a classification time of documents of less than 50 milliseconds and an accuracy of more than 98%.

The meaningful data extraction service finds necessary details in the document due to natural language processing mechanisms and transmits them as metadata to the system cards. Rules for extracting and displaying results are configurable. As a result of processing the document by the service, the specialist receives an already completed system card. The data extraction time is about 1 second.

DIRECTUM Smart Search

Information systems of large companies store a huge variety of documents, so labor costs for the search are significant. DIRECTUM Smart Search improves the quality of content management and brings benefits for businesses. The novelty provides a high speed and relevance of search, uses modern technologies of natural language processing. As a result, employees spend less time searching for the right documents and collecting information.

What is it and for whom?

The solution is a search website. A user can enter the query in natural language. When the user enters a query text, the website offers a hint with previous search queries and suitable names of public documents.

The search task concerns each automated employee. Therefore, the solution is intended for a wide range of users: from ordinary employees to top managers.

How does it work?

The solution uses Ario services for semantic analysis of queries and extraction of facts from document texts. Based on the data obtained, the solution selects the appropriate category of documents and sets the filter. For example, smart filtering by document types is possible. In addition, the solution provides a high-quality full-text search taking into account word forms and synonyms, identifies typos and incorrect keyboard layout.

Document categories and filter area allow quickly narrowing the search selection. Search results highlight the words found, contain key information and a link to a document in the system.
The search is performed based on access rights. The user can open documents found in the DIRECTUM web client in the preview mode. The solution also allows sharing search results with other employees.

Business effects

The solution provides the access to the right information here and now. The likelihood of making decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete information is reduced. Labor costs for data extraction are reduced. The user can enter the query in a free form, even if he/she does not remember exact names and details. Errors in queries are automatically corrected, and you do not need to weed out unnecessary information.

Achievement of the business effect is provided by:
  • High speed and accuracy of search. Employees can be sure that they will find the right document in the system.
  • Modern user interface. It allows finding corporate information as easily as in popular search services.
  • Fast user connection. To start working with the solution, just launch the browser and log in to the website.
  • Flexible setting. You can add your own categories and search filters, customize the display of results in different categories.


What is it and for whom?

Not all employees of the company work in corporate systems. With DIRECTUM Bot, every employee can access work information in the corporate system outside the office and at any time and run business processes in the usual messenger interface: make applications, leave requests to internal services, etc.

The solution ensures the availability of work information and corporate services for all employees, even for those who do not have access to information systems or PCs.

The solution is designed for both ordinary employees and top managers.

How does it work?

The work with the solution is carried out with the help of dialogues with the chat bot in Viber within the framework of pre-configured business processes:

  • Outcoming user queries, such as for background information or applications.
  • Incoming queries from the corporate system, for example, familiarization with a document or an order for execution.
  • Solution configuration includes demonstration processes that are often found in practice.

The solution is integrated with DIRECTUM and DirectumRX information systems, as well as works with popular public and intra-corporate messengers. The chat bot interacts with the DIRECTUM system through integration and exchange services. For example, when an employee in Viber requests a certificate 2-NDFL, the accountant receives a task in DIRECTUM. The list of employees who have access to the solution is set up by the administrator.

Business effect
  • Engagement of employees without an access to an information system or PC in digital communications;
  • Reduction in the cost of connecting to information systems. To work with the solution, the user just needs to install the messenger on a mobile device and log in to the DIRECTUM Bot chat;
  • Quick connection of users to the solution. Messenger is easy to use and is always at hand. To work you only need an Internet access;
  • Easy automation of company's business processes through a chat bot.
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