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Softline Maestro. July Release: New Features, New Look

Softline Maestro is a hybrid cloud management platform that supports AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, and OpenStack based clouds. Latest release brings a lot of helpful tools and fresh visual layout.

New functionality for administrators and developers

Maestro team gets ideas for development by talking to the customers. This way platform integrates most popular cloud agnostic and versatile technologies.

  • Init scripts

Users can now configure new instances at launch via easy to follow wizard mechanism.

  • Terraform for OpenStack and VMware

Support for Terraform now covers private virtualization for private regions OpenStack and VMware. Maestro support for Terraform is uniform for all clouds, that means your developers and engineers write code only once and further deploy virtual machines in any cloud without no cloud-specific corrections or adaptations.

  • Cost estimation for private regions

Maestro UI now features long awaited tool for cost estimation of virtual machines in private regions. Users can now check what would be the price of a machine(s) they are about to launch.

  • Tenant configuration wizard

This wizard allows users to manage contacts and roles in the tenant and activate new regions and tenants.

  • Volume management

Maestro users can change size of the storage attached to the new and existing instances. Now this functionality is available for Azure and Google.

New reports for resource and cost management

Envisioned as a single pane of glass for most important information in the clouds, Maestro keeps extending reporting functionality based on the best practices of cloud analytics.

  • Top Resource Cost

Provides information on total costs for the specified tenant, 15 regions and 15 services with the highest costs for a tenant in a selected month and total cost for different resource types for a tenant for a year. 

  • Average CPU Workload

Provides information on average workload for machine series and single instances. 

Fresh look and better experience for GUI users

Business applications are known for their low interest in design. Maestro has a modern approach to user experience, providing users with mobile interface, and now new color scheme and layout.

Softline Maestro’s new visual design follows modern trends and helps navigation for the user in any role. Dashboards are now adapted to three user personas: Demonstrator, Finance, Technical, each user will first find the content that is relevant for his/her role and tasks.

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