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Softline Maestro: the Cloud Symphony

Hybrid cloud management platform

With growing cloud adoption, more companies face the challenge of keeping infrastructure from sprawl and multi-cloud expenses under control. Surveys show that most companies choose to use two public clouds, like Azure and AWS, and even more for testing, many finally settling on hybrid cloud model. If you also use a multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructure, you know all the arising issues very well – administration tools for various clouds are difficult to master, IT is not ready for the new DevOps agile requirements, provisioning delays last for days, forgotten virtual machines bleeding away your budget etc.

Softline Maestro is a management tool designed to solve exactly these types of problems. Platform can be connected to several cloud platforms at once and manage them from a single unified interface. 

Solution for everyone

Besides the core administration capabilities, Softline Maestro enables employees to work with cloud resources in self-service mode while allowing IT managers to stay in full control of the resources and secure access to them. Employees may work from various locations, have a different level of cloud skills and specific goals for accessing virtual resources, so Softline Maestro provides a versatile interface that accommodates all possible roles. 

Today, our solution supports everyday work for over 1000 engineers all over the world, administering, automating, and supervising resources for more than 850 projects. The platform manages over 8,500 virtual machines!

Softline Maestro-What’s under the hood?

Softline Maestro has three core modules: billing, inventory, and automation. Out of the box integrations include Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and VMware. The orchestrator is available in desktop and mobile versions, as well as Android and iOS apps. The interface is simple and takes just two hours to master.

What problems does Softline Maestro solve?

Traditional infrastructure provisioning model where several IT specialists were in charge of all the servers and networks quickly became a bottleneck in the companies undergoing digital transformation. Employees wait far too long for their requests to be fulfilled, IT managers struggle with a growing number of requests, clouds, resources, and budget KPIs. Maestro comes in to simplify cost control and enable self-service provisioning while enforcing necessary security policies and RBAC.

How does it work?

When Maestro is connected, it consolidates the cloud resources and starts collecting billing information in the unified format. IT takes full control of the multiple subscriptions, accounts, cloud regions, and current costs all in one place. Transparency for cloud infrastructure is the starting point, as when you know who does what your clouds, you can mitigate risks and eliminate hidden losses.   

Much of the routine operations can be automated and packaged for self-service so that employees can provision for their tasks from the Maestro portal. Self-service and automation are the way to alleviate part of the repetitive tasks from IT and efficiently distribute them with the support of such a professional tool as Maestro. Both IT and employees get significant benefits of time and quality of work they accomplish. 

Softline makes Maestro available to all businesses going into clouds.  process automation, employee self-service, audit transparency and simplicity, security, reliable reporting, and cost substantiation will come in handy for all cloud consumers. 



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