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Software and Hardware for Working from Home


Teleworking is growing in scope and finding many applications in various areas. Some companies allow their employees to work from home while providing them with corporate hardware. As a rule, just a few devices are enough to make a convenient workplace. All you need is a desk, a computer, a headset, and internet access.

Computers and tablets

The most indispensable thing in this kit is, of course, a computer. Either stationary or portable workstations can be used.

In general, the performance and speed of modern laptops is on par with classic desktops. They also have such advantages as compactness, mobility, autonomous operation, and availability of a microphone, Wi-Fi access, and webcam. Obviously, a laptop should be powerful enough to ensure productive work, but at the same time, it is always possible to select optimal characteristics based on the available budget. The consultants of the Softline online store are ready to help you with this.


Every teleworker needs headphones with a microphone for communication. Working with clients, customers, colleagues, and team leaders always includes verbal communication. A wireless headset is the best choice if you have to move around a lot during conversations, while a USB headset will provide quality sound and noise reduction—choose your option in the Headphones section.


Almost all laptop have a built-in webcam, but its quality often leaves much to be desired. Therefore, we recommend buying a standalone device if the picture quality requirements are high. A manager from the Softline online store can help you choose the right model.

Privacy filter for laptop

The concepts of confidential data and trade secret are more important than ever in today's environment. Sometimes teleworkers work not only at home, but in any other places with Internet connection. Privacy filters can ensure compliance with the information security policy. The innovative micro louver technology by 3M does not allow outsiders to see the contents of the screen, while displaying the user a clear and crisp image.

If you have a full set of teleworking tools, you only need to set up a reliable remote desktop connection using software from the Softline online store.

Microsoft Office 365 for Home

A perfect choice for families who want to use full versions of the latest Office applications on all their devices. Every Office 365 for Home subscriber receives a 1Tb cloud storage in OneDrive. The solution allows you to edit and share your content online anytime, anywhere, and with any device. Besides, each user receives 60 free Skype minutes every month for calls to Russian landlines.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium

A solution for small businesses. The product is suitable for companies that need Office applications, corporate email, and other business services. The subscription features an extended set of Microsoft Office apps for all devices, as well as Exchange, Skype for business, Teams, and new apps—Bookings and Outlook Customer Manager. The subscription package includes a free domain for 1 year.

TeamViewer 14

An app suite for remote access via the Internet that supports any PC or server. TeamViewer 14 allows you to control your customer's or partner's computer in real time without any access problems, hold online conferences, presentations, and meetings. The main advantages of TeamViewer include perpetual licenses, free host installation, stable operation (including operation via firewalls), and data transfer security. The program is used by more than 100 million people from different countries.

Ammyy Admin

A tool for organizing fast and secure access to a computer or server via the Internet that allows users to interact with a remote desktop in real time. Ammyy Admin is transparent for firewalls. The system establishes a connection in 15–20 seconds and does not require port reassignment or other additional settings.

G Suite

A professional business application suite that features a cloud-based file storage coupled with additional services such as corporate email, shared calendars, online services for document editing and storage, and video conferencing tools.

Parallels Remote Application Server

A comprehensive solution for delivering virtual applications, desktops, and VDI. It provides all employees with access to applications and data using RDS or any popular hypervisor (Hyper-V, XenServer, VMware ESXi, KVM, and Acropolis), regardless of the device type. Windows applications are run on mobile operating systems (iOS, Android). The solution is compatible with MacOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, and HTML 5—for example, for thin clients. All data is processed on the server side, applications are not installed on customer devices.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

A comprehensive suite of Adobe tools, which includes all applications for working with graphics, video, and web: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe InCopy, Adobe Premiere Pro, Edge products + Acrobat Professional + Lightroom for local installation, as well as a full range of Adobe cloud services: 100 GB storage for each workplace, synchronization between devices and computers, access to Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition web hosting services and publishing applications, etc.

Microsoft Skype for Business 2019

An office communication and collaboration platform. Instant messaging, meeting recording, organizing meetings with up to 250 participants, integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and scheduling meetings via Outlook.


A service for real-time collaboration management. Improved communication, transparency, and accountability to achieve better results in any workflow, both in and out of the office. Wrike allows companies of all sizes to choose the optimal price plan.

Famatek Radmin 3.5

A remote PC administration tool for Windows, which makes it possible to administer multiple remote computers via a standard graphical interface. Along with support for the NT security model and localized versions in any language, the comprehensive solution offers file sharing and Telnet modes Radmin encrypts all transferred data, screen images, cursor movement, and keyboard signals by the AES standard.

Dropbox business account

An efficient solution for collaboration, secure access, and synchronization of data across devices within the same workgroup. Dropbox is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux platforms. You can work with various applications and file formats from any computer or mobile device.

CommuniGate Pro

A fully integrated carrier-class solution for email, voice communication, and instant messaging; the system ensures the security of Internet communications for web and mobile users.

MyOffice Private Cloud

This solution helps businesses organize a collaboration environment by making it possible to store and edit documents and work with email on any device in all popular web browsers without installing programs or apps. It also contains a set of full-featured applications for mobile devices.

R7 Office

Productivity applications (text editor, spreadsheet and presentation editor, calendar, image and video viewer, email server, etc.), are available not only on desktops but also in the cloud and as mobile applications.


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