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At the time when the quality of service in call centers of some companies falls due to congestion, others use bots that allow reducing communication costs and acquire more loyal customers by a factor of 20.

Personal IT Vocamate interactive is a service for voice and text communication robotics. It is based on the Vocamate platform, which allows automatically receiving and processing appeals. As a rule, from 40 to 70 % of companies' communications are of the same type, which means that they can always be brought to a specific scenario. Typical dialogues, both text and voice, are carried out by robots, so that employees have the opportunity to devote their time to more complex tasks.

Text communications

The service accepts calls from different channels: e-mail, Skype, Skype for Business, Viber, Telegram, etc. The solution is also integrated with Microsoft Azure Bot Service - a service that allows expanding the number of channels. If necessary, you can easily use Slack, Teams, Facebook Messenger, and much more. One bot can simultaneously process 2 active chats (with context preservation). It quickly finds the answer in the knowledge base and provides information following a request. Let's consider popular scenarios of chat bots.

Online assistant

Online assistants greet the visitor with the question "How can I help you?". However, often after the guest's description of a problem, the request is passed to the manager for an indefinite period, thus, in many cases the manager’s answer will no longer be relevant. Vocamate chat bot is ready to provide necessary information instantly upon its availability in the knowledge base.

Two-factor authorization

Upon the loss of a password from the personal account, a user makes a request for recovery. A phone call is sent, while the speech synthesis recognition system asks questions and matches the answers to the information in the database. Thus, the authenticity of the person who was originally registered is checked. The dialog returns to the chat bot with a confirmation of user registration.

You can easily implement scenarios such as changing passwords, making business trips for HR, booking meeting rooms, tickets, unlocking accounts, as well as many other types of internal and external communications.

Voice bots

Automation of dialogues and communications can be carried out in the telephone channel, that is, by voice. Personal IT Vocamate interactive has a built-in speech synthesis recognition system with closed grammars - it has a list of expected text recognition, thus, the system expects similar sounds to appear. The solution is unique as it allows using several speech recognition systems, including external online services. According to statistics, most of these recognitions are based on the confirmation or denial principle. Only 10% of cases require an extended response. In this case, the robot switches the call to the operator.

Information robot

Prof IT has extensive experience in developing scripts for chat bots for notification of debts. Voice communications were refined in cooperation with energy sales companies featuring a large number of debtors and requiring an average of tens of thousands of calls for a few days, which is a great scope for robotics. An effective method to notify of debts is an information robot. It reminds the subscriber about the loan repayment due date, repayment period for a certain amount and warns about the possibility of forming a debt.

Robotic helpline

One of the customers of Prof IT implemented a robotic helpline system. Within its framework, the robot's task was to greet the subscriber, clarify what can be done to help him/her and provide a time interval for him/her to state the problem. Further, the bot determines the category of application according to previously specified criteria and using the context, and either gives an advice itself, or redirects the subscriber to a specialist.

How to organize the work of bots and operators?

Of course, robotics is currently at a high level of development, but it should be understood that there are always three main lines of support. Thus, the third line will probably never be automated, the second line will be automated only partially, while the first one can be automated almost completely.

Some companies use for the first line only robots processing all incoming calls and assigning tasks to operators that they cannot cope with. Other organizations use bots to smooth out call peaks in order to maintain a given level of service.

You can use chat bots, voice services, you can combine them – all this is highly configurable. We provide a platform, while your IT professionals will be able to develop the most appropriate use cases or transform existing ones in the graphics editor.

How can you get the solution?

Implementation of scenarios, depending on their complexity, takes from two weeks to several months. The solution can be implemented both on the customer's site and as a cloud service. The latter option assumes fast and easy scalability, as well as compliance with high requirements for reliability and fault tolerance. PIT Vocamate interactive can be used as a service with a monthly payment for consumed volume, and can be deployed inside a customer-owned Azure subscription.

How do people feel about bots?

Referring to the experience of many customers having implemented robotic systems, it can be argued that in most cases, people first want to solve their problem by calling the operator. This may be due to the fact that there was no decent alternative for a long time, and many consider it to be the only reliable way to get necessary information. In this regard, first, phones of call centers continued to work actively even after the introduction of bots. However, it took two or three months for them to become silent

Of course there are people who do not want to use bots for various reasons. But at the same time, it should be understood that after the first interaction with them, which will end with an instant and effective solution to the problem, users will change their mind. After all, the most important thing for the customer is to quickly get necessary information.

It is important to understand that at the initial stage people need to be motivated to use such channel. After all, it is difficult to get used to something new, but people get quickly used to something good. And if you limit the possibility of phone calls and offer the client, for example, to leave a text request in a convenient messenger for some time, soon he/she will appreciate all advantages of robotics.


Thus, main benefits that users get from robotic services are speed and service efficiency. And what are the benefits of introducing new technologies for business?

Benefits from using chat bots
  • Reducing costs and annual resource savings
  • Increasing call center capacity with additional channels
  • High speed of task execution. Instant response to requests
  • More than 12 communication channels. Customers can write in any application convenient for them
  • 24x7 channel availability
  • Robots perfectly cope with routine work, leaving to operators only difficult questions
Benefits from using voice services
  • Reducing the cost of processing typical communications
  • Increasing the capacity of your call center
  • High FCR (First Call Resolution - solving customer issues from the first call)
  • Reducing the burden on operators
  • 70% of customer requests can be processed automatically.
  • 24x7 channel availability
  • Bots are always polite, never tired and never busy
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty


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