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Skype for Business is a communication suite with many tools that will improve the collaboration of your employees. Your company can make use of the gold standard of unified communications!

Don’t lag behind

Unfortunately, even many large companies with 250+ employees have obsolete landline telephony. The fact is that many rapidly-growing organizations pay all attention to the core business, forgetting that the office infrastructure should be developed at the same pace.

An infrastructure designed for five people cannot meet the needs of 1.500 employees and slows down the pace of business. A huge company becomes inert from the technology point of view, and when modernization is started too late, migration to a new system becomes an incredibly difficult task.

Digital revolution with Skype

Digital business transformation is not only about offering customers new digital products and services, but also internal evolution. This is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Skype for Business is a powerful tool known all over the world, and it can be used to start a real digital revolution in your company.

Skype has long since become an industry standard for personal calls and correspondence. The corporate version of the product adds even more useful functions for daily work.

Is this a trivial solution? Not at all. It is a vast productivity growth driver for many companies.

When we use email or call by landline, a quick answer is not guaranteed. Figuring out a simple question can take half a day.

Skype for Business offers the Presence statuses that immediately speed up communications. You can see if a colleague or a group of colleagues is available for conversation and use chat for short clarifying questions without spending much time to find out the nuances. Working with documents, especially texts and presentations, goes to another level. You no longer have to throw versions of files to each other: it's more convenient to work online, sharing your desktop with your colleagues and giving them control. Integration of Skype for Business with your email allows you to instantly open a chat right from an email message, write a quick question to a colleague, get clarification, and continue communication in the common message chain.

The labor productivity skyrockets: sometimes, companies achieve 2x, 3x, and even 5x productivity growth, because when people start communicating more effectively with each other, the company gets more profit.

Customers won’t wait

The employees are always available and ready to respond: from the workplace, from home, from your mobile phone. The customer-centricity increases as well: the company reacts quicker to customer requests when employees spend less time on basic communications with colleagues.

Customers do not like to wait and quickly find new alternatives: in one day, they can contact 5 to 10 companies and make a purchase in the one that is the quickest to respond. Therefore, one of the goals of digital transformation for many companies is to increase the efficiency and speed of communications between employees.

Capabilities of Skype for Business

  • Personal and group chats
  • Presence statuses
  • Collaboration on documents
  • Screen sharing
  • Organization of audio and video conferences
  • Integration with landline telephony, calls to landline or mobile subscribers

Any questions?

Anton Nagov, Head of Business Development Group of Cloud Technology Department, is ready to tell you more about Virtual Office and Skype for Business!
Write us at: Anton.Nagov@softlinegroup.com

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