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Over 300 YUKON Professionals Improve Quality with Office 365 Services

About company

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of observational optics, representing the brands Yukon Advanced Optics, Pulsar and Newton Sport Optics. The company is represented in more than 70 countries: the head office is located in Lithuania, production facilities in Europe, the CIS and China, service support in all sales regions.


The speed and reliability of corporate communications directly affects the quality of the services provided. For the operational exchange of information, employees of the geographically distributed offices of Yukon used several corporate instant messengers: Slack, Zoom, Skype. Due to the variety of services, productivity decreased, and more and more communication problems appeared. Yukon needed a single collaboration solution. However, the company wanted to increase the resiliency of corporate mail.

To solve these problems, the organization’s management turned to Softline specialists who proposed and economically substantiated the implementation of Microsoft Teams corporate service and the modern Exchange mail service within the framework of the unified Office 365 system. In addition, the company was attracted by the possibility of using these products on the basis of a monthly subscription.


Microsoft Teams not only combines the functionality used by Skype and Slack, but offers many additional features such as web conferences, presentations, scheduler, notes, file storage, analytics, providing guest access to partners, etc. Access to team sites focused on specific projects convenience of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint are integrated into the Teams interface, which saves time and opens documents directly from the service. Moreover, for the Yukon developers, Teams has integrated the Smartsheet online collaboration tool, the Jira project management system, etc.

Microsoft Teams brings together the work of all employees and divisions of Yukon, located around the world. Now, wherever they are, they can quickly check their mailbox, reply to messages in the messenger, share the necessary documents or schedule a meeting from any device.

Another important step to improve collaboration was the migration of mail infrastructure and the transition to a secure Exchange corporate mail service. With advanced security and disaster recovery features, mailboxes and internal information are protected 24/7. Exchange helps to collaborate with documents, see schedules of specific employees for more convenient scheduling of meetings. Softline specialists migrated to the new mail service, taking into account the corporate security requirements of Yukon and the internal structure of Active Directory.


Yukon replaced all of its communications systems with Microsoft Teams and migrated to the new Exchange mail service. Softline experts helped the team quickly adapt to new services: they made the necessary settings and trained employees in the main interaction scenarios. Switching to Office 365 services will help Yukon reduce the burden and costs of IT infrastructure compared to locally deploying software.

“Our internal communication has reached a new level, increased employee productivity. New tools help you quickly solve problems and always stay in touch. The staff has constant access to the mailbox, calendars, messenger from any device and regardless of which country it is in. It is really convenient for working together: we can discuss our projects at any time, plan meetings and not interrupt the workflow, ” said Vilenchik Dmitry, Yukon IT Director.

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