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How about a coffee?

Coffee has long been not a drink, but a curious and very self-confident cultural phenomenon, a distinct piece of our human life.

We, urbanized people have coffee addiction in our DNA - or maybe rather in our subconscious. You can't imagine the day without coffee. It may happen that if you don’t have coffee at a distance of two outstretched arms, you feel confused even if you don’t really want it right now. This usually does not happen with tea.

Coffee tirelessly generates crowds of addicted people, and you probably know a dozen of them. With tea, this usually does not happen, in any case, tea-lovers are rare and modest, and coffee lovers go mad about speculating about grains and grades, and coffee shops, and grinds, and where syrups are better, and what about ice and milk, and from vending machine – no never...

And in the morning, you go to work and at the station you take the one from the vending machine. Instant probably, but scalding hot. For now it will come down, all the same the receptors have not yet woken up.

Then in the office you go to the coffee machine, press the "espresso" button, and hot steam bursts out of the faucet invisible to the eye, puffing, and then ... Then you eventually realize that without coffee there are no meetings, and dates, and waiting for boarding at the airport. At home, a jar of instant is waiting patiently in the kitchen cupboard. On duty.

And your best friend has a wonderful habit of brewing coffee in a Turkish pot at home on gas, as your parents did in childhood - it is not surprising that you and this friend are kindred spirits. He just calls the pot ‘cezve’, but this is the only difference.

Favorite coffee places are also very uniting, although there is not always time to visit them, and even more so to sit at a table. More often than not, everything happens on the run. The owners of the cafe, fortunately, perfectly understand their customers, who sometimes are ready to run around three establishments and sell their souls for a large cup of freshly brewed macchiato, but cannot stand queues.


The famous Starbucks also thought about how to make life easier for hurrying visitors, and at the same time reduce the number of people waiting for their portion. Is it possible to make sure that the order is already being prepared while the client is going to the coffee shop to pick it up?

The answer is ‘Yes’ and it was made possible by Softline Development. Why not write an application in which a coffee lover can place an order based on their tastes and those products and grains that are definitely in the coffee shop? A minute to choose a drink, a minute to pay, another 5 - on the way to Starbucks, and now you are already picking up a paper cup, on which, as always, your name is written with a felt-tip pen. Ideally!

The application became the leader in downloads during the first week. Congratulations to the developers! It was the first app of this kind on the market, in which anyone could mix a drink remotely. A great example of an idea ahead of its time. Well, some coffee?


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