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Localization and Transparency: Kaspersky and Allsoft Ecommerce in Vietnam

Exploring a new market is never easy, and entering the market of non-CIS countries is especially challenging. This journey has many pitfalls that are often difficult to predict. There are many reasons why exploring a new market is so sophisticated: the subtleties of local law, taxation, and languages, and the changing preferences of online shoppers, which should be not only understood but also anticipated. These were the challenges faced by Kaspersky, a prominent Russian cybersecurity vendor, and it addressed Allsoft Ecommerce to solve them.

Allsoft Ecommerce developed its first online cart for Kaspersky back in 2012. The companies cooperate both in Russia and the CIS, as well as in several foreign markets.

How it all began

Vietnam has always been a tough call for e-commerce. Starting online sales in this country requires the establishment of a local legal entity. Recently, Vietnam adopted a law prohibiting the processing of personal data of its citizens abroad. This is only the tip of the iceberg—the market of this Asian state can hardly be called simple.

The most common online sales model for Kaspersky is cooperation with international e-commerce providers. Taking into account all the difficulties mentioned above, the vendor adapted its usual business model to the specifics of Vietnam and delegated the distribution of electronic licenses to a local distributor.

Limited access to reporting and sales statistics hindered business development, and communications lacked flexibility. Kaspersky decided to return to the usual business model. By that time, Allsoft Ecommerce had already deserved a reputation of a reliable and dynamic e-commerce platform capable of successful localization and efficient information exchange. They were chosen to distribute Kaspersky electronic licenses online in Vietnam.

To solve the vendor's task, Allsoft has created the following system.

Solution: shopping cart and checkout

The way how the shopping cart, checkout, and payment pages look from the end customer's point of view is crucial for sales conversion. Any design inconvenience, any excessive transition visible to the user increases the number of abandoned carts. 

The shopping cart and checkout page designed by Allsoft Ecommerce for Kaspersky are intuitive, tailored to the vendor's website, and localized with Vietnamese specifics in mind.

Solution: localization

What does "localization" mean in this case? First of all, all pages and forms are displayed to the end user in the local language. Support by phone and by e-mail is available in Vietnamese.

Secondly, payment methods are localized to ensure higher conversion. Allsoft Ecommerce is integrated with a Vietnamese acquirer, which increases the percentage of transactions successfully paid by bank cards. Do not forget the importance of alternative payment methods (APM) unique for this country. Allsoft Ecommerce offers Vietnamese Kaspersky customers an opportunity to pay for the order by bank payment, QR code, or through local ATMs. These methods are popular among the Vietnamese: more than half of the orders for Kaspersky products placed via the Allsoft Ecommerce cart are redeemed using APM.

Thirdly, cooperation with Allsoft Ecommerce ensures full compliance of the electronic licenses sold on the Vietnamese market with local law. The office of Softline Vietnam helps the e-commerce provider solve this task. Kaspersky Lab does not need to worry about legal nuances or payment of local taxes—Allsoft Ecommerce takes care of everything.

Solution: access to reporting

Information is a priceless resource. It is extremely difficult to develop a business when there is not enough information. Incomplete access to reporting and sales statistics in Vietnam was one of the main challenges for Kaspersky Lab before the vendor switched to Allsoft Ecommerce.

Allsoft Ecommerce synchronized the reporting from CRM and financial systems with the vendor's BI solutions. As a result, Kaspersky was able to track sales metrics in Vietnam in real-time, catching trends and responding to them faster.

Flexibility, successful localization, and transparent reporting are the key advantages of the solution provided by Allsoft Ecommerce to Kaspersky for the Vietnamese market.


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