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Office 365 for Georgian Water and Power

A leading water supplier Georgian Water and Power, which provides high quality potable water to Tbilisi, launched a new project in 2017 - the modernization of the work environment. Softline Georgia introduced Microsoft Office 365 services at GWP. As a result, a cloud storage and corporate portal are now in use. Employees were given the opportunity to organize remote meetings and work on shared projects online through the Microsoft Office 365 service - Microsoft Teams unified platform. 

It is noteworthy that these types of projects help companies to deliver on outstanding tasks with improved speed and efficiency. Also the use of cloud resources allows companies to save on servers.

In early 2020 Georgian Water and Power’s management gradually expanded the usage of Office 365. GWP's task was to convert the existing office licenses into a cloud solution.

At the end of January 2020, Georgian Water and Power announced a tender for the renewal of the existing Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and the purchase of new services. Softline Georgia participated in this tender. Softline Georgia will provide GWP with new services for another three years. Under the contract, GWP updated its existing software infrastructure, Software Assurance, and additionally acquired cloud technologies in the form of Office 365.

Softline Georgia’s team displayed outstanding professionalism and responsibility during the tender. In addition, the company has already had a successful partnership with Georgian Water and Power before.

"Most of the system infrastructure of Georgian Water and Power is based on Microsoft products. The use of these products constantly gives us the opportunity to have a sustainable system support in the modern technological direction and a proper system of business process management. By the end of 2019, we were ready to respond to new technological challenges. We have been collaborating with Microsoft and in early 2020 we introduced new products, such as Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

As you know, due to the pandemic situation in the world and in Georgia, our country went into a state of emergency on March 21, which led to certain restrictions. In this situation, we have already had a remote communication system, which is still used effectively by all parts of the team of employees, both for internal protected communication and for continuous communication with partners.

Our company, in the shortest time, has been able to provide remote and high-quality services to customers via various software.
One of the priorities of Georgian Water and Power is the development of modern technologies, which affects the stability and quality of our services. Therefore, we are always ready to respond to new challenges in a timely manner
,” said Archil Dolmazashvili, Head of Information Technology Department in Georgian Water and Power.

In the process of introducing a new service in Georgian Water and Power, consultations on Cloud solutions were conducted by Dmitriy Kazachkov, Microsoft's Business Development Manager in Softline Georgia.

Softline Georgia has once again proved that it has a lot of expertise and experience in the field of Microsoft, especially in the field of cloud, which is the future for any business. We are grateful to GWP’s Management and the Head of Information Technology Department - Archil Dolmazashvili for their professional vision, which means the introduction of modern solutions and the improvement of the company's business processes. I would also like to thank the Microsoft Business Development manager of Softline Georgia, Dmitriy Kazachkov, for his work. He once again proved that he can solve the task of any complexity in the direction of Microsoft,” said Revaz Urushadze, Director of Softline Georgia


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