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Softline experience

Softline Digital Platform: Self-Service Subscription and Payment Management

Softline has developed and deployed its own Active Platform-based solution for working with subscription and cloud services in 15 countries. With this tool, customers can manage current subscriptions to products and services of several vendors, purchase new subscriptions from the catalog, manage subscription payments and view analytical data on subscription consumption with the ability to download reports. As of December 2019, more than 600 subscription plans from four vendors (Microsoft, Google, ESET, Kaspersky Lab) are available for customers.

Process automation drives self-service

Previously, Softline clients who wanted to change the number of seats for specific subscriptions had to request their manager to do it. A specialist prepared a list of necessary documents and sent it to the logistics department to change the data in the vendor portal. Now we have automated these operations so that every Softline client who subscribed to the services of the world's largest vendors can quickly access the necessary software and services, view analytics on the resource consumption, and manage their own documents. The platform timely reminds customers of the need to renew subscriptions or to top up their balance and of other important notifications. The platform also has a marketplace where a client can download a trial or buy a subscription in self-service mode. The solution is integrated with vendors' systems and automatically allows customers to activate, deactivate, or change their subscriptions.

Solution tailored to business requirements

The functionality of the platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of end customers, Softline partners, sales departments, and Softline's back office. When preparing the roadmap, the project team prioritizes the functionality most important for business development and business process efficiency. The Softline Digital Platform team also integrates the platform with ERP systems and to automate their subscription processing processes. As a result, you can fully automate the customer lifecycle, simplifying the work of the back office and account managers. We also have a support service that provides quick and qualified consulting to customers and Softline's account managers on issues related to the platform.

The platform helps:

  • Account managers and the back office to reduce the amount of their work. They no longer need to create invoices manually, post shipments, make requests to change the number of seats within a purchased subscription, and track subscription expiration dates.
  • Customers to manage their subscriptions and payments in self-service mode. They no longer depend on the manager and his work schedule, do not need to wait for a reply to the letter. They can simply log into the personal cabinet, get analytics on Azure consumption, and do everything personally. Helpful notifications from the platform will help customers to extend subscriptions and pay bills in time.
  • Companies to develop and scale their subscription and cloud business.

What is our roadmap?

The platform is currently available in the countries of Latin America, Asia, CIS, and Eastern Europe. The platform is being gradually customized and integrated into the business processes of particular branches. It is planned to scale this experience to other tasks, namely: integration the subscription products of new vendors into the platform and automation of their management, using the platform for the business automation of Softline’s in-house processes, implementation of the platform in all countries of Softline presence.

Got questions?

Ask Irina Kuznetsova, Head of the Subscription Automation Project


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