Softline secures assets for M.Video-Eldorado

M.Video-Eldorado Group, Russia's largest appliances retailer, relies on Softline experience for securing its IT assets. The customer has turned to Infosecurity a Softline company for implementing the project on DLP-system optimization. The task is to build the process for incidents monitoring and response and to tune the performance of the previously purchased solution. The main challenge faced by the team is the major change in the IT and business-processes of the customer due to the integration with "Eldorado".

"We audited all the departments, prepared a register of confidential information and a list of rules for monitoring and responding to potential threats. "Infosecurity" team has shown a deep understanding of the confidential information protection approaches”, commented Eduard Kovalsky, Monitoring Systems Manager at M.Video-Eldorado Information Security Department.

At the moment, Softline provides the ongoing refresh of DLP system settings and runs the preliminary processing of incidents recorded by the DLP system, including notifications for the subdivisions involved. This allows the minimum intervention of the customer's IT security staff when changes are required.

"The DLP system was implemented and fully configured in six months. The overall maturity of the company's security system has improved. This is a huge amount of work, given that it usually takes a year and a half to achieve such results", said Eduard.

"The goal of the project was to identify the leak points in critical assets, to build a risk map, and to assess the cost of potential damage. This allows us making informed decisions on changing business processes in the company", said Vladimir Sadovsky, Head of the Monitoring and Incident Response Group of M.Video-Eldorado Information Security Department.


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