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Softline experience

Three projects in Asia


More and more organizations around the world choose Softline as a supplier of Microsoft solutions and there are reasons for that: we have the highest Microsoft competencies and statuses, have completed 3000+ projects, and have over 800 certified experts. We have selected 3 of our success stories to share with you that uphold Softline’s status of being a ‘reliable global supplier and partner’.


The customer is an investment holding company with principal activities in motor vehicle assembly and distribution, auto parts manufacturing, property, education, trading and motor-related financial services — both locally in Malaysia, and in 5 other SEA countries.
To promote business continuity during the pandemic for their headquarters and more than 165 retail and service outlets, the customer has committed to adjust and adapt to the new normal by leveraging on the information technology platform to manage their business operations.
The customer required a unified, secured yet simplified IT administration that is well-integrated with their existing on-premises systems as well as allowing their employees to maximize the usability and productivity with these IT solutions.
Initially, Softline offered a 30-day trial of Office 365 to the Management team to get a first-hand experience of the benefits and capabilities of Microsoft solutions. With the success of the trial, a unanimous decision from the Management has engaged Softline Malaysia to migrate all their users to Office 365 from its current Google cloud subscription. Within 3 months, Softline has completed a 7,000 user migration for Office 365 and SaaS from their current Google cloud subscription with Cloudiway migration tool.


One of the 1st Islamic banks in Malaysia with more than 10,000 employees nationwide, was requesting a renewal of their Microsoft licensing on The Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) under Enterprise Agreement licensing. SCE offers customers to standardize broadly on one or more of the four Microsoft servers and cloud technologies. Softline stood out among the other 5 Microsoft licensing solution providers (LSP) applicants and successfully won this project.
Our competitive package, value-added services, professional offerings and consultations cover Microsoft 365 Fastrack Adoption Services - Office 365, Azure and Microsoft Cloud App Security together with Microsoft Software Asset Inventory Management services - the Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) and License Optimization workshop. Therefore, it helped the customer to have a better understanding of the software license deployment environment and enabled cost efficiencies.
This project acquisition translated into winning 2,920 licenses on Center for Internet Security (CIS), per year and marked as a great achievement for the entire Softline Malaysia team.


A fast-growing retail company in Thailand embraces the technology solutions for its business operations and expansion. With a mission of becoming the largest retail network in ASEAN and servicing more than 100,000 stores, the customer required reliable tech-enabled business solutions.
Customer was not being able to achieve the desired performance from their previous Linux open-source IT infrastructure due to lack of data storage, no visibility of operations scheduling and an ineffective communication channel with a company directory of more than 500 employees.
With Softline consultation and services, recently, the customer accomplished a new IT infrastructure milestone by migrating to a ‘world-class’ collaboration platform, Office 365. This deployment allows its business to evolve into a fast-paced business environment, reduce the local data-center footprint and digitalize the business operations; the competences that the world-class security environment of Office 365 has enabled the employees to achieve more, anywhere, anytime.

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