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Why Lamoda loves Google Workspace


Employees at Lamoda online store have been collaborating with the help of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) since the inception of the company and have accumulated ample experience with the product. Google Workspace services are provided by Softline, a holder of the highest Google partnership status.

About the customer

Lamoda is one of the largest online clothing and footwear stores in Russia, a popular online platform for those keen on fashion and modern lifestyles. It has been part of the Global Fashion Group since 2014. The company has about 400 own pickup locations and 17,000 partner locations. Its website features more than 10 million products and 5,000 brands.

Easy collaboration

The company discovered Google Workspace at the very beginning when it needed to organize simple and productive collaboration involving calendars, documents, spreadsheets and more. Today, the suite is used by 7,000 people. Cloud services are user-friendly, and this large team works with a whole family of products every day without wasting time and effort on software and hardware support. 

The essentials

The primary means of corporate communication is mail, so Gmail was the first service deployed at the company. With the expansion of business, Lamoda proceeded to other applications, especially Disk, Docs, Calendar and Sheets that allow up to 200 people at a time work on a document. The collaboration feature in Sheets and Docs has been particularly valuable: some files can be accessed by thousands of employees. 

The calendar for scheduling face-to-face meetings and online conferences is also popular. The Buildings and Resources feature of Google Calendar makes it easy to book meeting rooms: an information panel shows which ones are available and what equipment they have, which helps optimize meetings and collect statistics.

Google Forms is a great tool for carrying out surveys whose results are instantly converted for easy processing in Sheets. And Google Slides, while less ubiquitous than PowerPoint, is appreciated by many people who edit, format and share presentations using mobile devices. 

Compatibility is a big plus

Lamoda’s team works with Windows, MacOS, some Linux-operated machines and more. Apple solutions are used on mobile devices and a few computers, mostly by developers and data analysts. With Google Workspace, compatibility is not an issue: impeccable performance is guaranteed regardless of the operating system. 

"Google Workspace has remained the collaboration engine of choice in our business."
Vladislav Almazov, head of IT support for Lamoda


Lamoda takes full advantage of Google Workspace security features including the Admin console, content filters to protect against spam and phishing attacks, and much more. An employee may be assigned a Basic license or a Business license depending on his/her position. 

Lamoda has also set up an automatic identity management system to create accounts, connect them to mailing lists, block certain data, archive information and more. The system is fully integrated with Google Workspace via a standard connector.

Comments and suggestions

Users at Lamoda believe that Google Chat, the corporate messenger, could benefit from some improvements. Furthermore, the Google authorization feature is not that perfect when you deal with single sign-on solutions. 

The company regularly tests various cloud tools, and has been using Zoom, Slack, IaaS and PaaS from Google and other cloud providers along with Google Workspace. At the same time, Google Workspace is especially valued for its stable operation and business-oriented features.

"Google Workspace gives Lamoda an additional competitive advantage. Digital companies are not the only ones that need modern tools. These days, traditional businesses that do not want to be squeezed out by flexible newcomers also need to embrace novel approaches and team collaboration solutions, and Softline stands ready to help.“
Alexander Ivlev, Head of Global Cloud Solutions Development, Softlin



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